Shampoo and Balm CREIGHTONS Volume Pro

The manufacturer addresses a series of thin and weak hair. In this case, I advise him not to believe. In general, volumetric series are very poorly suited for continuous use. I use them no more than once a week (or better rarely) for the deepest cleansing of hair. The series contains sea salt, apparently in a decent concentration. Pretty dry, so I immediately advise to go past a series of dyed and bleached blondes and other owners of weak damaged hair.

Shampoo CREIGHTONS Volume Pro

He is very harsh. He washes away all the accumulated silicones, oils, masks, grease, styling, paint. At the same time, some kind of super-volume is not achieved, the hair is really more luxuriant, but not only at the roots but the entire length. Just because all the scales on his head are dishevelled and hair stupidly stand on end, brittle and rough. I repeat, such purification can be very useful from time to time. As a deep cleaning procedure. Moreover, the skin shampoo affects very well, no itching, irritation, dryness.

Conditioner CREIGHTONS Volume Pro

He, in turn, is very light, this is the air conditioner and not balms that are denser and familiar to me. He smoothes the hair after shampoo, and perhaps all. There is no obvious shine, elasticity, the density of hair. But, this is a good choice for those who condition their hair fat, this will not be 100%, even if you rub it into the skin of the head.

I did not use 2 Volume Pro tools together, I broke them and used Argan Smooth with CREIGHTONS. It turned out an absolutely perfect duet, even two. Moisturizing argan shampoo is so thick and oily that any of my conditioner/balm with it gave overloaded hair with it. The same with the balm, it is almost a mask and perfectly coped with the stiffness, protrusion and confusion of the hair after the salt shampoo.

So I actively recommend shampoo and balsam separately, with more dense nutrients and always in alternation with other products of this brand or any other.