Schwarzkopf Professional BC Oil Rose Hair Care Miracle Rose Oil

Once Schwarzkopf Professional – it was my favourite by making hair care. When I started working as a hairdresser, I got cold to him. Not disappointed, I just opened up the wondrous world of another, less well-known, but very interesting care. But this series for stressed hair with a Schwarzkopf Professional BC Oil rose Miracle Rose Oil brought my faith back to humanity, in the sense of Schwarzkopf. These are wonderful, wonderful products. The whole series consists of two products, shampoo and oil. About them and tell.

Usually, I calmly treat shampoos, the main thing is to wash, but not too carefully. But this one is special. Shampoo thick, economical, smells like a rose very clearly, recognizable. He foams well, perfectly cleans the hair from the first time (within reason, of course. Of course, he will wash away the indelible styling and three-day fat from the second :). And at the same time, he is very, very gently with the skin. I have almost lost my husband, who has a very sensitive scalp, prone to all sorts of dermatitis, irritation and other pruritus. So while he used it there were no problems (and this is a big victory). But the smell of it terribly infuriated, so the next bottle I have not bought him yet. But nothing, scratching another week and forget how his little flowers are furious.

I can also note that he carefully treats the paint on the hair, almost without crushing it.

The oil is very light, dry. Suitable for fine hair, which everything else gives the effect of dirt and weighting. I apply it on wet and/or dry hair. It creates a weightless film that protects hair from drying out, makes it smooth and shiny. It works no better than my beloved Matrix, but it’s almost impossible to overdo it (again, within reason), it has a completely different texture. therefore, I actively advise him to young ladies with very light, thin hair. Well, I actively use it myself.