Ollin styling products: hairspray and styling spray

I don’t tire of praising Ollin; these are great tools for both professional and home use. But styling still disappoints me. Of course, you can use it, and I will finish my bottles, but I will not recommend it to anyone.

Ollin Style Lotion-Spray Medium Lotion-spray for hair styling medium fixation brings the first package. It can not be used with one hand. And this is necessary because the second hand should lift the hair layers for proper application. And when you try to press the dispenser, this bottle just slips out of your hands. You have to put it on your elbow, or even on your shoulder. In general, this is the story when the packaging spoiled a generally good tool.

The lotion itself is not sticky, not smelly, does not stick hair. He makes the strands more rigid, they get well, and then keep their shape. Suitable for styling thin, light, overly soft straight hair, as well as for easy structuring of wavy hair, to create “surfer” waves without salt (and I’m not a big fan of salt sprays, although I sometimes practice). Hair does not dry and is easily washed off. But the bottle failed, otherwise it would be him among my regular bottles for work.

Ollin Style Flexible Hold Hairspray elastic fixation is bad because it is stated as for elastic fixation. In fact, it is a very durable, dense varnish of superstrong, super powerful fixation. It is difficult (but possible) to use for fixing moving hairstyles, waves, curls, curls for every day (and I bought it for myself initially, not for work), but they ideally fix complex hard shapes in hairstyles.

At the same time, the lacquer is really super cool. Girls send me pictures of hairstyles, after sleep, after rain, after swimming in the Volga, after 3 days of socks and so on. But combing is unrealistic, just gently rinse, and then unravel.

I can only advise him to the masters or young ladies who themselves make solemn hairstyles. Every day without skills and tambourines it cannot be applied.

Ollin products can be bought in stores for hairdressers both offline and online.