Ollin indelible care: serum and hair spray

I praise Ollin for a lot of care because they have amazing value for money. At the price of the mass market, it is very! good professional, comparable, for example, with Schwarz or Matrix. Today, about two indelible means, universal and specific.

But first, in a nutshell, why I consider it imperative to use at least one indelible means on the hair. (Not a natural little, normal product with silicones!)

First, the hairpiece is porous, and if the pores are not filled with anything, they will fill themselves. For example, particles that cause the smell of tobacco, fried food, dust. Silicones will create a film on the surface of the hair, which will reduce this process.

Secondly, this film will allow hair to lose less moisture.

Thirdly, the hair will become smoother and more elastic, and therefore resistant to mechanical damage.

Fourthly, any indelible agent has certain thermal protective properties. And this is good.

Ollin Care Restore serum – regenerating serum with flaxseed extract is a wonderful and very pleasant product for everyone and every day. It is a thick, silicone serum with a bright pleasant orange aroma. I just love her all the clients.

It does not do miracles, but it comes with its functions perfectly: the hair with it is smooth, shiny, denser. I apply to wet hair if I do not plan on styling, in order to emphasize the texture of my wines or on dry hair as a finishing agent that gives gloss and gloss.

Her hair does not get dirty faster, it does not break up into icicles, but I do not advise you to overdo it, you can do it at times. Take small drops.

Ollin Service Line smart spray-conditioner IQ Spray-conditioner is designed to align the structure of the hair with varying degrees of damage.

Of course, they bent about IQ and smart, but as a spray-conditioner, it copes perfectly. I apply it on wet hair after washing, then comb it. Make it easier at times, and unlike the previous tool, this spray is not noticeable on the hair: it does not make them more “slippery”, covered with a protective film, does not smooth them.

I consider it as an ideal product in two cases: hair combing badly, while they are thin, light and the feeling of something extra on the head are undesirable. Or as part of complex care, when you need to use different means and do not overload your head.

Buy Ollin can be in stores for hairdressers.