How to choose a hair dryer?


The main parameter of the dryer, according to which it is worth choosing, is power. For household hair dryer, I would advise watching the power of about 2000 watts. This is the optimal value, suitable for any hair. If you and your family have light thin hair, you can choose a less powerful hair dryer. For thick and long hair, those 2000 volts will be optimal. Do not take more powerful hair dryers, since it will be very difficult for you to cope with the air flow rate and instead of laying you will get a dried-up oduvan.


Be sure to hold the hair dryer in your hand, lift it above your head, take it behind your back. If you are immediately given these movements with effort, drying and styling will be torture for you. For myself, I generally chose the lightest high-power hairdryer, ignoring the other parameters. Because if the hand gets tired, you simply will not finish laying. My hair dryer weighs 420 grams, and this is the maximum for home use if you don’t shake hands. I have left biceps already with him too!

Overheat limiter

A small sensor that turns off the entire hair dryer (in cheap models) or only the heating of the air in the hair dryer (in the more expensive ones) when the appliance overheats is a great deal. It primarily protects the hair from temperature damage, as well as the hairdryer itself from burnout. Its presence allows you to turn off the head and from time to time to drying at the highest temperature and not steaming.



When the weight and power are selected, look at the presence of the ionization function. This is a nice bonus from drying a good hair dryer. These very ions remove static electricity from the hair, the hair looks smoother and shinier, and the process of laying is facilitated simply several times.

Speed ​​and temperature

Powerful hair dryers allow for high airflow rates and high temperatures. On the one hand, this is great because it allows you to quickly dry your hair. On the other hand, it is the drying with a powerful hairdryer that can easily harm the hair. I would recommend choosing a hair dryer with separate control of temperature and speed so that you can slowly dry your hair cold and style with warm air every time you have time.


Depending on the hair texture, you need only one attachment. If your hair is straight (or you straighten your curls), a concentrator (a narrow nozzle that allows you to create a directional flow on a strand of hair) that is used to create the basal volume and smooth the strands. If you have curls, you need a diffuser. To dry curls hub is not worth it, they will turn into a bast. Laying straight hair with a diffuser – get a very strange nest on your head. So do not waste on additional nozzles, choose only what you need.

By the way, the diffuser can be bought separately, if the hair dryer you like does not have it in the kit.


A long cord will make your life much easier. Even if you have a hairdressing area with a convenient outlet, a hair dryer can be useful in another place, for example, to dry the stain on the sofa. In principle, the standard cord length of 1.8 m is usually enough for all necessary actions. But if the cord will be “professional” three-meter length – this is a plus.

So what kind of hairdryer to choose?

I do not recommend professional hair dryers for home use. First, they are expensive. Secondly, they are heavy. Thirdly, most of them have a long nozzle, which prevents them from styling their own hair. Fourth, their main advantage is long service life. Intensive, professional work. They are designed for so many dryers that the average family will not dry out in a lifetime. Meaning you pay for it, when already in 5 years will come out new, more advanced, less harmful and much more interesting hair dryers?

I can mention Braun and Rowenta from household manufacturers, I usually like their models very much.

And by the way, hair dryer and another styler ordinary hair dryer will not replace. They are indispensable for hair styling, but will have to dry them with an ordinary “pistol”.