Excellent sea salt spray with Mades Cosmetics Radiant Blonde Beach Look Sea Salt Spray

Mades cosmetics

This is another exclusive Riv Gosha. I bought it by chance, in search of a cheap salt spray for regular experiments with hair. It is this spray manufacturer intended for blondes, but I did not find in the composition of anything to affect the colour. So feel free to use it on the hair of any colour.

Packaging, texture, smell

Spray – sticky water with a bright, very pleasant fruity smell. Indeed, a very successful fragrance, because many immediately associate with light aromatic cocktails on the coast. Remains on the hair for a while, so smell before you buy, if the smell can be a problem.

The agent has an excellent dispenser, which sprays the agent moderately fine. This allows it to ideally dispense and at the same time not breathing too fine a suspension and not irrigate everything around, as is the case with dispensers that spray with a “ratchet”.


Spray perfectly textures hair, gives them volume and rigidity. With this, this is not the stiffness — dry — sticks, which gave me the remaining salt sprays, for example, this popular one from Schwarzkopf. This is a natural, pleasant structure of thicker strong hair, which is usually found in Southerners. I have never been able to go too far with him, so even with very thin hair and fat-prone scalp, I use it boldly. Does not give stickiness, fat content, stickiness.

At the same time, spray with adequate use (not every day!) Does not dry hair. When applied to the roots can cause an increased release of fat. So I highly recommend washing it off the hair. However, I advise you to wash off any staling from the hairs maximum up to the next day, which is applied to the roots and gets on the scalp. The skin is also the skin on the head. It is useful for her to be clean and moisturized. And not covered with salt, silicones and oils.

How to apply salt spray for hair?

The idea is that the spray makes smooth, soft, light hair tougher, denser and coarse. They fit easier and keep their shape better.

The coolest thing for me is to apply the spray abundantly, about 10-20 clicks on the dispenser on all hair except the very tips, carefully dry the hair with a hairdryer and then twist any curls on anything. On such a base, any curls turn out to be airy, voluminous, they hold very, very well.

I spray this hair before any weaving. Again, the hair becomes more rigid, less smooth, the braids come out airy, light, and at the same time weave easier and keeps on hurray, without breaking up.

Myself, I often apply a salt spray for hair only on the roots. Moreover, they are dry and sometimes not too fresh to get their own natural light curls, only in a beautifully volumetric format. In this regard, the spray works as an inconspicuous dry shampoo, slightly drying the roots. But this method does not work on very dirty hair, maximum the second day.

Finally, curls-waves-curls, which I recently did only with this spray.