Dippity-do Curls Spray and Mask for Curls

The funds have a wonderful design, beautiful pink bottles with drawn curly girls, pleasant fragrances and a reasonable price. We got a discount so it was generally successful.

Dippity-do Girls with curls Deep Treatment

The mask should deeply restore, restore the damaged curls to form and protect the curls from tangling and sweating.

It is a thick white cream with a slight perfume smell. The consumption of the mask is small, it is perfectly distributed through the hair but washed off for a long time, which is typical of such products. By the way, they do not need to be washed to the end. The hair should remain slightly slippery so that there is a conditioning effect. (You do not wash out conditioner to a squeak?)

The mask perfectly moisturizes the hair. Just great. This is a very good moisturizing and nourishing product for dry porous hair, while this is really a little washing out colour. What a rarity.

But unfortunately, I did not see any impact on curls.

By the way, it can be packaged in a tube, or it can be in portion bags, it is very convenient to take with you.

Dippity-do Girls with curls Curl-Boost Spray

Spray Dippity-do Girls with curls Curl-Boost Spray should give hair volume, curls density and shine. It is recommended to apply on wet hair, and then dry curls diffuser or naturally.

Unfortunately, again my spray doesn’t affect my curls, volume or elasticity :(. Or just after sleep I liberally sprinkle it on your hair, shake his head and beautiful: dried up tips are softened curls back to its original state, there is really dazzling shine even on the clarified hair pieces in all, it was a very good leave-in. The air conditioner I have too, and is very happy 🙂