Clay mask for scalp and hair roots: how and why?

Immediately about the effect

I often met recipes for clay masks for the best human hair extensions, but have never heard anyone make them. But she did once a week for two months and was very surprised by the effects:

  • skin sensitivity decreased
  • hair growth has accelerated and a steep undercoat has grown (albeit together with this oil mask )
  • disappeared irritation on the scalp (and by the way, almost everyone has this or that amount now)
  • slightly, but the rate of “soiling hair” has decreased. More precisely, it remained at the same level, despite the fact that the summer had come and the fucking heat.

Now I have completed the course and I am going to maintain the effect with one or two masks per month.

How to make a mask

Several options, you can search and buy a special tool for the scalp. They are definitely there, but what I have come across is uncharitable and difficult to access. You can, on the contrary, smoke clay and mix to your taste. And you can just use a face mask with some reservations.

I went the last way because I always have a lot of not very favourite clay masks that would be nice to lime. It is important that there are fewer silicones in the composition (since we clean them as well), and the texture is also very important. Mask for scalp and hair roots should be liquid or cream. So my favourite Spivak, for example, will not do. You will not smear it at first, and then you will not wash it. But the beauty mask with kaolin and charcoal Beauty Formulas Clay Mask with Activated Charcoal (review will be below) – very much so.

How to apply a mask?

It is most convenient to squeeze the mask into a bowl (or put a thick mask and slightly dilute it with water), and then spread it with a regular brush to apply the mask on the face. I then literally do a light massage for a couple of minutes and leave the mask for 5-10 minutes. In this case, if the mask begins to dry out, you can always slightly moisten the top of the head and massage the head again. Such a mask is washed off easily, although for quite a long time – by an abundant stream of warm water. Plus, I make a mask before washing, so I wash my hair with shampoo anyway.

About Beauty Formulas Clay Mask with Activated Charcoal

Immediately tell about the mask, which I almost completely exhausted on my head and was pleased. Beauty Formulas Clay Mask with Activated Charcoal for the face I was too gentle or something. I don’t like clay masks that look like cream. Give me a paste or straight clay-clay as already mentioned Spivak or Planeta Organica.

So this mask did not give me a pronounced cleansing of the pores and alignment of the texture, so I abandoned it. I mentioned that I am making “face packs” for face masks, and this one is obviously not enough for the usual ritual. But on the scalp, she went perfectly: soft, non-drying, possessing at the same time a cleansing, absorbing and soothing effect! The cost of hair is very large so that a modest price is also a big plus.

Her smell is really harsh.