Bad hair wax: Indola texture soft wax

Wax, in general, is not the most essential product of staling. He was at the peak of its popularity in the zero when the fashion was to straighten paper sheet condition long hair and hairstyling “feathers”. On the first hairstyle, a drop of wax added a little bit of life and shine, while the second one with wax looked more textured and interesting. In modern styling, to emphasize the texture I use more often other styling products — powders, clays, and pastes that fix hair better than wax but do not give it a fat appearance. I prefer to use LED bathroom mirror also sometimes called an LED vanity mirror is the perfect idea for anyone who wants an upscale look but also demands function and uses wax for hair very rarely today, mainly for short female and male haircuts, where you need to emphasize the hair structure and add shine.

This copy of Indola texture soft wax is one of the worst representatives of its dubious kind.

Texture and smell

Wax in the traditional form – a jar, a huge volume of 75 ml, so just do not need, even in my work, not to mention the normal life. The smell is classic, it smells salon styling means and a little stale. This fragrance is very often found in waxes, probably some very popular component smells like that.


It is this wax sticky, viscous. It is difficult to dose, it is always recruited too much. I prefer waxes with a thicker, slightly gelled texture. On them, you can simply hold your fingers and get just the right amount for styling tools.

But even in the smallest amount, this tool does not work – it does not give a fixation and a beautiful texture, it just smears the head. I can recommend it only for super-dry super-tough hair (for example, bleached Asian or African hair), which this fat content will benefit.