At the convenience store: inexpensive Compliment Se shampoo (Selenium)

My clients often say that “their shampoo ” was over, and they bought some inexpensive shampoo while running “in the supermarket near the house”. And that he badly ruined his hair. For some reason most often mentioned Syoss. probably the “near professional” brand image works 🙂 So, from what I tried in the budget and super budget segment, City is the worst option. I haven’t found a better one yet, I still insist on a careful selection of desirable professional tools. Nevertheless, I decided to slowly try all sorts of means available from the point of view of price and distribution to make you a list of the very means you can use until you find something better. Shampoo Compliment Se (Selenium) – a very good option.

Sulphate shampoo, it must be considered. But overall, very pleasant and rather mild, despite good, deep cleansing.

Texture and smell

The shampoo is quite liquid, white, the smell is not strong cosmetic. small consumption gives a dense foam. My scalp is not completely annoying, my husband said “it burns, but it is tolerable. Here it must be recalled that out of the hundreds of shampoos for the sensitive scalp that I bought him, he does not burn Schwartz with a rose and some of Agassi’s grandmothers, but which he does not remember :).


Wash hair perfectly, while not drying the scalp and does not provoke an increased secretion. I can not wash 3 days boldly, although usually mine every other day.

The shampoo did not affect the growth/loss of hair, but it is technically impossible because the shampoo is not on the scalp for a long time to somehow absorb into it and act on the bulbs.

Otherwise, for normal hair and normal / fat-prone scalp is an excellent solution. For dry hair and scalp, I can not advise him, because the tool is clearly not enough gentle and soft.