Ohio artists on non-Ohio and national labels

* QCA = Queen City Audio pressing, Cincinnati | * R = Rite Records pressing, Cincinnati | *M = Mus-I-Col pressing, Columbus
Talent Expo   Columbus
29439   The Young Underground "Time Cycle/ Reverend Lee"   1972   (B-side by Wendy Harris)   

Tammy   Youngstown   (only soul releases)    1. 2. 3.
1027   The Edsels "Count The Tears/ Twenty Four Hours"
1028   Lil' Murray & the Soul Exciters "Open The Door To Your Heart/ Soul Chitlens"
1031   The Edsels "Hide And Seek/ Another Lonely Night"
1033   Lynn Minor & His Band "Fatback/ For Once In My Life"
1034   Lynn Minor & His Band "I Finally Found True Love/ Hesitate One Time For Me"
1035   Floyd & Little Soul Sisters "Moon-y Min-I Men Visit Santa Claus/ Pt. 2"
1036   Larry J. Greene "Another Lonely Night/ The Girl I Love"
1037   Ice-Cold-Love "Sheer Magic/ Wonderful To Be Loved"
1038   Iron Knowledge "Show Stopper/ Oh Love"
1043   Iron Knowledge "Who Put The Ram (In The Ram A Lama Ding Dong)?/ Show Stopper"
1044   JC & the Soul Angels "Dance Party/ Pt. 2"
1054   JC & the Soul Angels "God Bless Our Love/ True Love Is Hard To Find"
1055   Iron Knowledge Band "Give Me A Little Taste Of You Love/ Pt. 2"
1056   Roy Jefferson w/ JC & Soul Angels "He's Got To Go/ Pt. 2"   1977   QCA-709512
1057   Steel City Band "Shakin It Down/ Pt. 2"
1777   JC & the Soul Angels "Nightmare Strut/ Angel's Theme"

Tammy Jo   Canton    
TJ-001   Axis "Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight/ From Sunrise To Sunset"   1973
TJ-002   White Cloud "Paper Caper/ The Paper Caper Shaper, Fly-By Knight"   1974   (novelty)
TJ-548   Cania "Visions/ My Lady"   1980

Taste   Cleveland    
TR-8401    Taste "Got To Get Better/ Inst."   1983   

TCD   Cleveland    
TC-7607    Toni Cloud "The Losing End/ Just What I Need"   1976   

Teen   Hamilton   
16379/ 80   Lil' Roger and his Fabulous Vels "Jolly Roger/ Night Time"   1966   R-16379/80   (no label name shown)
918   Lil Roger and His Fabulous Vels "Jolly Roger/ Night Time"   1966   R-17185/ 6

Tere-Z-Ta   Cleveland    
B-7533    Jimmie Bell & the Kool Klux Band "What Ya Doing Brother/ Love Me In The Morning"   1975   

Terry   Columbus   (only soul releases)    
111   Sonny Hines "Any Time, Any Day, Anywhere/ Nothing Like Your Love"
112   Dee Felice Trio "Little Liza Jane/ Nightengale"
114   Jeanette Williams "To You/ I Can't Wait"
116   The Casino's "That's The Way/ Too Good To Be True"
117   Gospel Troubadours "Jesus Is So Close To Me/ Love Open Wide The Doors For Me"   (gospel)

360 Degrees   Cleveland    
R-333   Nate Reese w/ Brown Sugar "A Message To The People/ Pt. 2"   1972
L-334   Richard Shann & Complexus "The Wooly Buger/ Pt. 2"   1972
101   The New Year "My Bleeding Wound/ The Americans Spelled Backwards"   1974

3M   Dayton   
100   Little Woo-Woo & the Morrocco's "This Wonderful Girl Of Mine/ My One And Only"

Thrust   Cincinnati    
TM-3402   Ethereal "Molto Taco Homo/ Who Put The Funk In My Trunk"   1980

Ticket C.C.   Cincinnati   
28297/ 8   Round Trip Tickets "Say The Words For Me/ Self Destruct"   1971   R-28297/ 8   

Time Trax   Cleveland
TT-004   Frederick "Gentle (Calling Your Name)/ Move On"   1984
TT-007   I'ngenue "Tender/ Of Age"   1987

Tinkertoo   Cleveland   
1201   Wilbur Niles & Thrust "Stew/ Inst."   1979
1201   Wilbur Niles & Thrust "Survival Of The Funkiest/ Punk Funk"   

Tire Town Sounds   Akron    
TTS-1001   Al Cox Jr. "Why Don't You Write?/ It's Alright"   1969   R-24465/ 6

TMI   Dayton   
29979   Rootts "Love Fantasy/ Sweet Horizons"   1979
94579   Love Bones "Love, You're Here/ Without You, My Love"   1979

Together   Akron    
39565/ 6   Chrome City "Sweet CC/ Chrome City Funk"   1978   R-39566

T.O.L.   Youngstown   
PP-1074   Taste of Love "Cindy/ Love Meditation"   1975   QCA-56425

Top Hit   Akron   (only Ohio releases)    
27913/ 4   Jessie & the Mel-O-Tones "I Loved You Too Much/ You Best Give It Up"   1971   R-27913/ 4
28047   Ohio Players "Pain/ Proud Mary"   1971   R-28047   (also on Westbound 188)

Tower High   Warren   
PP-1072   Watch Tower "Forever, Together/ Forever, Together (Reprise)"   1975   QCA-56341

Tower Town   Cleveland    
102154   Project 98 featuring Doug Green "Cry From Africa/ Same"   
U-22674   Turner "I'll Always/ Inst."   

Town Sound   Warren   
910028   O-Zone "Disco Train/ 5th Ave. NYC"   1979
TSR-1000   Maurice "In The Summer/ Pt. 2"   1988

Trip   Cincinnati   
1013   The Ditalians "I Gotta Go/ Egypt Land"

Triple F. Formula Inc.   Dayton   
1208   Formula LX-23 "Voyage To Infinity/ Pt. 2"   1979   QCA-906054

Troutman Bros.   Dayton   
169   Roger & the Human Body "Freedom/ Freedom Revised"   1975
170   Roger & the Human Body "Been This Way Before/ Bearings Straight"   1976

TTE   Columbus    
102129/ 30   Total Experience "Illusion/ Contradiction"   1975   M

T-Town   Toledo
T-101   East River Drive "To Be My Friend/ Funk House Fever"   1973
T-101/ 103   East River Drive "To Be My Friend/ Today"

TTT Printz   Massillon    
9680   Blues Soul "Sock Some Lovin To Me/ Rain In My Eyes"   1968   (also on Westwood 1009)

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