Ohio artists on non-Ohio and national labels

* QCA = Queen City Audio pressing, Cincinnati | * R = Rite Records pressing, Cincinnati | *M = Mus-I-Col pressing, Columbus
S & H   Cleveland    
201   Claudette Johnson "Beauty/ Mr. Candy"
202   Gospel Six of Buffalo, NY "Jesus Is All Right/ On The Way To Jesus"   (gospel)
203   Mary Lattimore & the Calvarettes "Free/ I Come To The Garden (Alone)"      (gospel)
204   Nathaniel & the Gospel Five "Somebody Needs It Now/ Take It From Me"      (gospel)
205   Gene Allison "Why Did You Have To Go/ If I Ever Needed Your Love, I Need It Now"
206   Sensational Six "Get Right Church/ Just To Follow Him"   (gospel)

Sandwash   Cleveland    
11492   John Washington "Burn The Calender/ Daddy Teddybear"

San-El   Cleveland    
369-45-222   Sonny Harris & the Soul Reflections "The Vibration/ You Were Only Making Believe"   1969

San-Ton   Dayton / Columbus    
ST-001   Funk-Tion "Don't Just Sit There/ Sunday Sunset"
ST-0002   Mudd "The Disco Pig/ Same"   1979
ST-0002   The Solicitors featuring Rocky King "Hitman/ Same"   (12-inch)
ST-0003   Buckeye Politicians "Skin Tight/ Inst."   (12-inch)
595   Punchh "Blue Jean Dancing/ B.J.D. Song"   1980
834   The Solicitors "Joyce/ Inst."   1983
104293   Gas Heat "That's When I'll Stop Loving You/ Inst."   M
0001   Burney Allen "Joyce/ Inst."   1985
1000   The Solicitors "Hit Man (I'm A Radio Jock)/ Inst."   1986

Sapphire   Dayton    1. 2.
1592   Solicitors featuring Sharon Melson "Depressed Situation/ Sapphire"   1975   QCA-501423
37115/ 6   Funk-Tion "Can't Seem To Find (A Smiling Face)/ Funk-Tastic"   1976   R-37115/ 6
1977-48   Funk-Tion "Music One/ Music Two"   1977

Saru   Cleveland    
1611   Out Of Sights "For The Rest Of My Life/You Made Me Beg"
1612/3   Out Of Sights "I Can Take It/Baby You Got It"
1614/5   Out Of Sights "Tears Don't Care Who Cry/I've Got To Be Me"
1616/7   Out Of Sights "I Was Wrong/My Woman's Love"
1617/1619   Michael Bell "Can't Make It Without You/ For Only Lovers"
7196   Sir Stanley "Are You Man Enough/I Believe I Found Myself"   1971
1220   O'Jays "Shattered Man/La De Da"   1971
1221   David Peoples "Got To Get My Broom Out/ Inst."
1222   The Elements "Got To Make It Right/Hey Lady"
1223/4   The Elements "Son In Law/Just To Be With You"
1225   Bobby Dukes "Just To Be With You/ Inst."   1972   (also on Calla 184)
1226   The Elements "Prove It/ Fever"

SAS   Dayton    
23596    Miss Cloteal Lewis "Beyond The Bridge/ I've Got A Learning From The Lord"   1969   (gospel)
24075/ 6   Southland Singers of Baltimore, MD "I Have To Cry Sometime/ I Found The Answer"   (gospel)
37489/90   The Angeleers "God Is Love/ Do You Know Him"   1976   R-37489/90   (gospel)
RI-2816   The Mighty Skylighters "You've Got To Hold On/ Tired Of Life"   (gospel)
SAS-1   Rev. H.L. Parker "It Must Have Been Hard For Him/ Come Ye Disconsolate"   (gospel)
SAS-2   Sammy Stevens & the Ephesians "Hold On/ If God Gave Us Everything We Need"   (gospel)
SAS-03   Marvin Wheatley & the Communicators "Asphalt Jungle/ Pt. 2"
SAS-4   Toby Thornton & the Enchanters "Take Me Home/ Everyday Brings About A Change"   (gospel)

Saxony   Cincinnati   (only soul releases)    
1007   The Teardrops "Tonight I'm Gonna Fall In Love Again/ That's Why I'll Get By"
1008   The Teardrops "I'm Gonna Steal Your Boyfriend/ Call Me And I'll Be Happy"
1009   The Teardrops "You Won't Be There/ Tears Come Tumbling"   (also on Musicor 1139)
1011   The Ditalians "Philly Dog New Breed/ Egypt Land"   1966   R-18025
1012   Sir Richard "Everybody Calls Me Sad/ Here I Stand"

Scratch Productions   Youngstown    
PP-1285   Scratch "Climbing/ You Can Do It"   1982   QCA-209035

Sea City   Cincinnati?    
25177   Leroy Brooks "The Rake/ Willing To Move A Mountain"   1970   R-25177

Shaker   Cleveland    
101   Bobby & Cindy "I'll Keep Coming Back/ If This Ain't Really Love"   1975
102   Sly Slick & Wicked "Turn On Your Love Light/ We Don't Have To Be Lovers"   1975

Shepherd Head   Massillon/ Akron
no #   Tabyaz "I'm In Love Again/ Anybody Have Faith"   

Shirleo   Toledo    
712   Shirley Ann Lee "Only You Lord/ This Is The Real Thing"   1971   QCA-107231

Shur N' Tell   Dayton    
no #   Stone Coal White "You Know/ Stone Coal White"   1971

Silhouette   Cleveland
04652   Reel To Real "(Be My) Fantasy Love/ ???"   
4653   Reel To Real "Love Of My Life / That's The Way Love Is"   1986
SR-8751   Reel To Real "Nothing Can Compare To Love/ Cycles"   1988

Silky   Akron
no #   Lou Vincent "Andy Candy/ Reprehensible Bitch"   1986

Skippyophonic   Toledo   
1074-1   Magnificent Opinions "We'll Be Jammin' All Night Long/ You Know That I Love You"   1988
1074-2   Magnificent Opinions "So Happy To Be In Love With You/ This Job's Gonna Take Me To My Grave"   1988
1074-3   Magnificent Opinions "Recipe For Love/ I Couldn't Ask For Anything More"   1988

SMH   Cleveland   
71842   Lou Ragland "What Should I Do/ Understand Each Other"   1974
71843   Wildfire "Tend To Your Business/ Pt. 2"   1975

Smoke   Toledo   
6045-30   Ike Noble "She's All I Love/ We Got To Hold On To Ourselves"   1976   QCA-604530

S.M.P. / Wessound   Cleveland    
CRC-2142   Soul Motion "My Guy/ Reach Out"

Snap Dragon   Columbus
102099/ 100   Snapdragon "Hardluck/ My Heart Concedes"   M

Snapper   Dayton    
no #   Snapper & the Blues Invaders "Born In The Ghetto/ Inst."   1988

SoJamm   Cleveland
SJ-100   Marilyn Smith "I Never Told You/ Covers Mother"   1974
SJ-105   Jesse Fisher "Honey/ I Can't Stop Loving You"

Solid Foundation   Cleveland    
SF-101   Imperial Wonders "You Only Live Once/ Turned Around Over You"   1972
SF-103   9th Street Exit "Let's Make Sweet Harmony/ Pt. 2"
SF- 106   Richard Lackey "The Greatest Gift/ Love Shopping"   1973
SF-107   9th Street Exit "Never Be The Man My Brother Was/ 9th Street"
SF-108   The Four Wonders "Just Looking For My Love/ Haven't We Been Good For Each Other"    1974
115   Cleveland Robinson "Jungle Dollar/ Loving Time"

Son Cookie   Cincinnati    
DC-0001   Sonnie 'N Brite "That's The Way Things Are/ At The Party"   1982

Sonnet   Campbell    
S-205   Walt Maddox "I Got My Own Thing Going/ I'd Love You To Want Me"    (Pennsylvania artist)

Soul Beat 1   Youngstown    
7054   The Hustlers 1970 "You Can't Hide The Truth/ Pt. 2"   1970   QCA-0934

Soul Kitchen   Cleveland    1. 2. 3.
SK-0010   Jackie Russell "If You Don't Want Me Let Me Be/ Don't Trade Love For Money"   1967
SK-0011   Frankie Pighee & Soulettes "Soul Feeling/ If You Don't Think"   1967
SK-0012   The Master Keys "Walking Right/ Use Me Lord"   1968
SK-0013   The Chantells "Why Won't You Say (What You Want)/ World Of Soul"   1968
SK-0013   Wonders of Faith Gospel Singers "Traveling On/ Stop By (And Check Up On Me Jesus)"   1968
SK-0014   The Showmen "Big Daddy Don/ Judy"   1968
AL-0015   Ricky Hodges & the Funky People "Don't Destroy Our Love/ Pt. 2"    1969
SK-7014   Addie Pearl Rice "Flowers Are Blooming/ Sara Culture"    1970
SK-7015   Angela Alexander & J.D. Saddler "Don't Make Me Kill You/ Spoilin' For a Fight"    1970
SK-7147   Ricky Hodges "I Feel It (The Love You Have For Me)/ Pt. 2"   1971
SK-7154   The Inter-Circle "The Players/ The Pusher"   1971
SK-7188   The King James Version "He's Coming/ He's Forever (Amen)"   1971
SK-7211   Creations Unlimited "Corruption Is The Thing/ Chrystal Illusion"   1972
SK-7348   Eddie & the Ant Hill Mob "I'm A Number Runner/ Pt. 2"   1973

Soul Mine   Cleveland    
S-7223   The Gaylords "Magnificent / Pt. 2"   1972
S-7360   Bill Brooks "Beautiful Brown/ Road Trouble"   1973

Soul Sauce   Cincinnati    
0001/ 2   Egyptians "Thanks To You/ Pt. 2"
003   The Relate Generation "Relates Ride/ Pt. 2"
0028   Movin' Soothin' Stone Funk Band "You're All I Need/ You'll Have To Pay"
7777   New Born Lite "You Sure Did Mean A Lot/ Journey Of No Return"
55-1978   Stevie Lee Mitchell "Stylistic Lady/ Inst."   1978

Soul Sounds Unlimited   Cincinnati    
38023/ 4   The Deviations and Deviations Band "Loving You/ Boogie To The Beat"   1977   R-38023/ 4
0001   Ego Unidentified Funck "Disco Party/ Need A Lot Of Woman"   1979

Soul Town   Cincinnati   
28969/ 70   Soul Motivation "Hard Times (Are Comin')/ Bend Over Backwards"   1972   R-28969/ 70

Soulhio   Columbus    1. 2.
312007   Dean Francis "Free Spirit/ The Lottery Song"   1983   QCA-312007
706073   Dean Dean "You're My DJ/ Nose Up"   1987   QCA-706073

Sound of the Temple   Toledo   
1203   Sound of the Temple "Why Did You Treat Me Bad/ Bombs Of Destruction"   60s

Sounds of Cleveland   Cleveland    
M-11711   Truth "Excedrin Headache #24/ Come Back Home"

Spearhead   Cleveland
10001   Sonlight "Once I Leave/ Get Together"   1978

Split   Cincinnati    1. 2. 3.
1027   Double O Demingos "Storm Warning/ Pt. 2"   1971   QCA-1027
1028   Double O & his Demingos "The Crawl/ A Thousand Years Too Late"   1972
305222   Double O's Demingos "Color One Tear Black/ Pt. 2"   1973   QCA-305222
41851/ 2    Billy Peterson Jr. "Party Man/ Color One Tear Black"   1981   R-41851/ 2

Spy   Dayton
6033-32   The Upperhand Band "Get It Together/ Free Music"   1976   QCA-603332

SR / S.Reece   Cincinnati    1. 2.
25067/ 8   Barbara Howard "I Don't Want Your Love/ The Man Above"   1970   R-25067/8
700317   Barbara Howard "I Need You/ You've Made Me So Very Happy"   ARC pressing
700628   Barbara Howard "Welcome Home/ Light My Fire"   ARC pressing

Stang   Springfield   
2001/ 2   The Fabulous Mustangs "I Won't Let You Go/ I'll Find Happiness"   1965   R-14381/ 2

Stanson   Columbus    
501   Sonny Craver "Baby I Can Change My Mind/ I'm Lost"
502   The Symbols "Blue Autumn/ Bumpity Bump"

Starbound   Cincinnati   
750209   Sunchild "Betwixt The Humps/ Mama's Groove"   1975
750210   Lenny Frierson "Got To Find A Place/ Baby It's You"   1975
7611   Python "Disco Soul/ Pt. 2"   1976

Starlite   Cleveland    
503043   Goldie "Slidin' Out/ Crystal Lite"   1985    QCA-503043

Starr   Columbus   (only soul releases)    1. 2.
730320   Don Hales "Sprawberries-Raspberries/ Dance Of The Zodiac"   1973   sic
SF-1046   Marion Black "Off The Critical List/ Pt. 2"   1974   (also on Shakat 705)
SF-1058   Bill and Larry "You Better Get Ready/ Give Up On Yourself"   1974
SF-1319   G. Bennett Stallard "Madder Than A Settin' Hen/ Show Me The Way"   (B-side by The New Testament)
7278   Walter Foster "I'm Going Home/ To Love Somebody"
790204   Stevie Martin "Action-Re-Action/ Come Come Little Angels"   1979
81281   Joe Robinson "Funk Off/ Miss Black Achievement"   1981
SF-42082   Michael Johnson & Choice "Spirow Jirow/ Pt. 2"   1982
3884   Gerald Wayne "Now I Can See/ Just Because I Said Goodbye"   1984
11279   Frankie Diamond and the Motivations "99 1/2 Won't Do/ (I Wanna) Make You Feel Love Again"
13185   William Claybrooks "I Want Your Body/ Niecey I Love You"   1985
SF-21786   Magic Connection "Hold Me/ Inst."   1986

Steeltown   Cleveland   
92539/40    Errol Gaye & the Imaginations "Love And Affection/ You Don't Want My Love"
92540    The Entertains "Love Will Turn It Around/ Why Couldn't I Believe Them"

Stone Blue   Cincinnati   
101   Herman Lewis "Who's Kissing You Tonite/ Right Direction"   (B-side with Gerri Jackson)

Stover   Cleveland   
S-8123   Jakki Milligan "Burnin' Up/ Inst."   1981

Straight From The Coast   Cleveland?
103995/ 6   Sneak E. "Land Of Stuphph/ Fluff-U"   M

Strength   Cincinnati   
31682   Life's Story featuring Enoch Morgan "Aaron Pryor The Hawk/ Pt. 2"   1982
2-8-84   Life's Story "Love Changes/ Are You For Real"   1984

Strictly Business   Dayton
80XN50   Strictly Business "Strictly Business/ Still In Love"   1988

Sunburst   Cleveland   (only soul releases)   
102   Bill Spivery "Honey-Do/ Honest Bill"
106   The Monclairs "Wait For Me/ Happy Feet Time"
111   Marlene and the Debanettes "Play Something Slow/ Bad Love"
113   The Monclairs "Wait For Me/ Pull Your Coat"
114   Marlene and the Debanettes "Bad Love/ Earthquake"
116   The Monclairs "Sore Feet/ Poopsie"
117   The Five Gents "Bitter Candy/ Skokiaan"

Sunshine   Cleveland
470   Soul Creole Combo "Boogie Banana/ Pt. 2"   
1156   Soul Creole Combo "Remote Control/ Pt. 2"   

Sweet As   Youngstown    
SA-1001   Odds Against Tomorrow "Point Of No Return/ Inst."

Sweet City   Cleveland   
8-50635   Micki Lynn Jones "Night Odyssey/ Let Me Be Your Woman"   1978
9-50758   Sly, Slick & Wicked "All I Want Is You/ The Prophet"   1979
SC-7376   La Flavour "Mandolay/ Same"   1980
SC-7377   La Flavour "Only The Lonely (Have A Reason To Be Sad)/ Can't Kill The Beat"   1980
SC-7380   John Wilson "Ain't Enough Lovin'/ Moody Feeling"   1980
SC-7381   La Flavour "To The Boys In The Band/ Can You Dance"   (also on MCA 51081)
SC-7382   Carter and Chanel "Together Forever/ Don't Let Love Go"   1981

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