Ohio artists on non-Ohio and national labels

* QCA = Queen City Audio pressing, Cincinnati | * R = Rite Records pressing, Cincinnati | *M = Mus-I-Col pressing, Columbus
   Ohio artists on non-Ohio

         and national labels

Alcon Shades   Cleveland
"Midnight Light/ All Is Forgiven"   (Blue Rock 4068)   1968

The Ambassadors   Cleveland
"I Need Someone/ Bear With Me"   (Uptown 734)   1966

Steve Arrington   Dayton
"Way Out/ Pocket Full Of Fame"   (Konglather 953)   as Steve Arrington's Hall Of Fame
"Homeboy/ Like It Loud"   (Columbia 89397)   
"The Jammin' National Anthem/ Radical Jammin"   (Columbia 89428)   
"Turn Up The Love/ Gasoline"   (Columbia 89499)   
"Dancin' In The Key Of Life/ Brown Baby Boy"   (Columbia 89535)   1985
"Feel So Real/ Willie Mae"   (Columbia 89576)   1985
"Sugar Momma Baby/ Same"   (Columbia 89652)   
"15 Rounds/ Mellow As A Child"   (Columbia 89688)   as Steve Arrington's Hall Of Fame
"Hump To The Bump/ Young And Ready"   (Columbia 89715)   as Steve Arrington's Hall Of Fame
"Weak At The Knees/ You Meet My Approval"   (Columbia 89831)   as Steve Arrington's Hall Of Fame
"Nobody Can Be You/ Bedey Biey"   (Columbia 89876)   as Steve Arrington's Hall Of Fame
"Stone Love/ Same"   (Manhattan 50098)    1987

Beloyd   Cleveland
"Get Into Your Life/ Today All Day"   (2oth Century TC-2353)   1977

Billy Best & the Ditalians   Cincinnati
"Baby That Takes The Cake/ Times Getting Hard (Josephine)"   (Mercury 72923)   1969

Big Red and the Comancheros   Cincinnati
"I'll Be So Glad/ Double Bad"   (Arnold 289)    1966   Detroit label

The Big Wolfe   Cincinnati
"The Place (New Orleans)/ A Good Foundation"   (Instant 3275)   New Orleans label

Cody Black   Cincinnati
"Come To Me (Girl)/ Stranger Than A Fairy Tale"   (Pamela 7453)   1961
"Move On/ These Chains Of Love"   (D-Town 1032)   1964
"Mr. Blue/ You Must Be In Love"   (D-Town 1057)   1965
"Would You Let Me Know/ Too Many Irons In The Fire"   (D-Town 1066)   1965
"I Will Give You Love/ I Am Particular"   (Wheelsville 107)   1966
"It's Our Time To Fall In Love/ You'll Be Sorry"   (Gig 201)   1966
"Because You First Loved Me/ The Night A Star Was Born"   (Groove City 960)   1967
"Going, Going, Gone/ Somebody's Gonna End Up Lovin"   (Ram Brock 2002)   1967
"Life Goes On/ (The Night) A Star Was Born   (Ram Brock 2003)   1968
"Love Like I Never Had/ Reap What You Saw"   (Ram Brock 2004)   1968
"I Still Love You/ Ice Cream Song"   (Ston-Roc 3378)   1969
"Fool In The Wild/ I'm Sorry"   (Capitol 2807)    1970
"Stop Trying To Do What You See Your Neighbor Do/ Ain't No Love Like Your Love"   (Capitol 2858)   1970
"Keep On Tryin'/ Steppin' On Toes (You Can't Make It)"   (Renaissance 1001)   1977
"Sweet Love/ What Goes Around"   (Renaissance 0002)    1978

Marion Black   Columbus
"Go On Fool/ Who Knows"   (Avco 4559)   also on Capsoul 20
"Off The Critical List/ Pt. 2"   (Shakat 705)   1974    also on Starr 1046

Bootsy's Rubber Band   Cincinnati
"Stretchin' Out (In A Rubber Band)/ Physical Love"   (Warner Brothers 8215)   1976
"I'd Rather Be With You (Edit)/ Vanish In Our Sleep"   (Warner Brothers 8246)   1976
"Psychoticbumpschool/ Vanish In Our Sleep"   (Warner Brothers 8291)   1976
"Rubber Duckie/ The Pinocchio Theory"   (Warner Brothers 8328)   1977
"Another Point Of View/ Can't Stay Away"   (Warner Brothers 8403)   1977
"Hollywood Squares/ What's A Telephone Bill"   (Warner Brothers 8575)   1978
"Jam Fan (Hot)/ Same"   (Warner Brothers 8818)   1979

Gerald Brown   Cincinnati
"Seeds/ Yesterday"   (Star Town STR-1001)   Los Angeles label

Piney Brown   Dayton
"Life Is Funny/ I'm Traveling"   (Tune 230)
"Unemployed/ After There's Love"   (Cimarron 4059)
"Be Honest With Me/ Sweethearts Or Strangers"   (Heart HRC-345)   Alabama label
"Baby Don't Do It/ Bring It On Home"   (Sound Stage 7 7-2644)   1969
"Nashville Wimmin/ One Of These Days"   (Sound Stage 7 7-2657)    1970

Buckeye Politicians   Columbus
"I Wish It Would Rain/ Girl I Could Love You More"   (Scepter 12301)   1970
"Sister Rose/ Dreams"   (Rainbow Collection no #)   1974
"Can't Wait To See You Again/ Just A Little Love"   (Utopia JB-10747)   1975

Cash   Cleveland
"I Still Love You/ There Is You"   (Greedy 119)   1977

The Cheaters   Cincinnati
"There's Always Me/ Bobby Laine"   (Sims 302)   1966

Chicago Gangsters   Akron
"I Choose You/ My Ship"   (Red Coach 809)   1974
"Blind Over You/ Your Self Conscious Mind"   (Gold Plate 1947)   1975
"I Choose You/ Don't Be Gone"   (Gold Plate 1949)   1976
"Gangster Love/ I'm At Your Mercy"   (Gold Plate 1950)
"Music For The People/ Pt. 2"   (Gold Plate 1953)
"I'm An Outlaw/ Windy City People"   (Gold Plate 1954)
"What's Goin' On/ Windy City People"   (RCA 11269)   1978

Cincinnati Connection   Cincinnati
"Share What You Get But Keep What You Need/ Trying To Find Some Rhythm"   (Walnut WS-0011)    KY label

The Crowd Pleasers   Columbus
"Freaky People/ Pt. 2"   (Westbound 55420)   1979

Jeff Dale   Cleveland
"Language Of Love/ Don't Forget About Me Baby"   (Atco 6332)   1965
"Where Did I Go/ Come To Me Girl"   (Atco 6352)   1965
"A Suffering Pain/ Our Love Will Grow Stronger"   (Atco 6405)   1965

Charlie Daniels and the Jaguars    Cincinnati
"The Middle Of A Heartache / Skip It"   (Paula 246)   also on Whizz 001

Larry Darnell   Columbus
"Champagne/ Who's Your New Flame"   (Rayco 502)   Los Angeles label
"Champagne/ Who's Your New Flame"   (Misty 502)   Los Angeles label
"Son Of A Son Of A Slave/ Pt. 2"   (Instant 3296)   1968   New Orleans label
"Son Of A Son Of A Slave/ Stomp Down Soul"   (Instant 3296)   1968

Charles Davenport   Cleveland
"A Little Bit Of Lovin'/ Then"   (Chartmaker 413)
"The Girls Of Our Time/ You Mean The World To Me"   (Warner Brothers 709)
"Midnight Light/ I've Gotta Get A Message To You"   (Warner Brothers 7362)

J.C Davis   Columbus
"The Splib/ Pt. 2"   (Argo 5382)   1960
"The Chicken Scratch/ Shake With Me"   (Chess 1831)   1962
"Sweet Sweet Love/ Monkey"   (Chess 1858)   1963
"Listen To The Music/ Feznecky"   (Chess 1885)   1964   A-side featuring Little Charles

Dayton   Dayton
"Dank/ Living For Today"   (United Artists 1353)   1980
"Eyes On You/ So Glad"   (United Artists 1374)   1980
"Eyes On You/ Dayton (Jam)"   (United Artists 1374)   1980
"A Fool He Was/ Body Shaker"   (United Artists 1401)
"A Fool He Was/ Body Shaker"   (Liberty 1401)
"Cutie Pie/ Wanna Be Your Man"   (Liberty 1414)   1981
"Hot Fun In The Summertime/ Inst."   (Liberty 1468)
"Conversation/ We Can't Miss"   (Capitol 5166)   1982
"Conversation/ It Must Be Love"   (Capitol 5269)   1983
"The Sound Of Music/ Fast Love"   (Capitol 5327)   1984
"Promise Me Love/ Fast Lane"   (Capitol 5379)
"This Time/ Fast Lane"   (Capitol 5487)   1985

The Deele   Cincinnati
"Body Talk/ Same"   (Solar 69785)   1983    Los Angeles label
"Just My Luck/ Street Beat"   (Solar 69749)   1984
"Surrender/ Crazy 'Bout 'Cha"   (Solar 69712)   1984
"Material Thangs/ Working, Working"   (Solar 69644)   1985
"Suspicious/ Video Villain"   (Solar 69615)   1985
"Dry Your Eyes/ Can-U-Dance"   (Solar 70007)   1987
"Two Occasions/ Inst."   (Solar 70015)   1987
"Shoot 'Em Up Movies/ Pt. 2"   (Solar 70023)   1988

Derek and Cyndi   Dayton
"You Bring Out The Best In Me/ I'll Do The Impossible For You"   (Thunder 5251)   1974
"Daddy Had To Go/ On The Ladder Up To Love"   (Thunder 5252)   1975

Gerri Diamond   Cincinnati
"Mama, You Forgot/ Give Up On Love"   (HBR 458)

Different Shades of Brown   Springfield
"Label Me Love/ Life's A Ball"   (Tamla 54219)
"When The Hurt Is Put Back On You/ Sending Good Vibrations"   (Motown 1241)

Tom Dooley and His Lovelites   Cincinnati
"Can't Turn You Loose/ You're My Baby"   (TRX 5009)
"The Winds Of New York City/ Tightrope"   (TRX 5022)

Bobby Dukes   Cleveland
"Just To Be With You/ Inst."   (Calla 184)   also on Saru 1225

The Electrifying Cashmeres   Akron
"You Send Me/ Summertime"   (Sound Stage 7 2666)   1970    as Don McClain & the Electrifying Cashmeres
"It's The Real Thing/ Pt. 2"   (Sound Stage 7 1500)   1971   as The Cashmeres
"What Does It Take To Win Your Love/ Ooh, I Love You"   (Sound Stage 7 1500)   1971

The Enchanted Five   Columbus
"Have You Ever/ Try A Little Love"   (CVS 1001/ 2)    New York label
"Your Love Comes Slower Than Never/ Darling, I Need You Now"   (CVS 1003)

The Endeavors   Cincinnati
"Shattered Dreams/ I Know You Don't Want Me"   (Stop 372)   1970
"Sexy Woman/ Who Shaft Where?"   (Gambit 006)
"Goin' Down/ Manchild"   (Gambit 010)
"Tighter And Tighter/ A Piece Of The Good Life"   (Avco 4662)

The Exceptionals   Cleveland
"What About Me/ Unlucky Girl"   (GRT 48)   also on Way-Out 101

The Fabulous Determinations   Cleveland?
"Don't You Make Me Blue/ Has Love Been Here Before"   (Mainstream 5570)   also on AMG 561-36

Faze-O   Dayton
"Ridin' High/ True Love"   (She 8700)   1977
"Good Thang/ Who Loves You"   (She 8701)    1978

Dee Felice Trio   Cincinnati
"In Heat/ Wichita Lineman"   (Bethlehem 3093)
"There Was A Time/ Never"   (Bethlehem 3094)
"There Was A Time/ Oh Happy Day"   (Bethlehem 3095)

Galaxy   Youngstown
"Dance With Me/ Love On My Mind"   (Marjon MJ-566)   1979   Pennsylvania label

Gigi and the Charmaines   Cincinnati
"If You Ever/ Eternally"   (Date 1518)   as The Charmaines
"Girl Crazy/ Guilty"   (Columbia 4-43978)
"Poor Unfortunate Me/ Brazil"   (Columbia 4-44246)
"Smile/ Keep On Searchin"   (Minit 32074)   as The Charmaines

Bobby Glover   Dayton
"I Can't Stand The Pain/ Same"   (Columbia 04651)

Great Lakes Orchestra feat. Lou Ragland   Cleveland
"Didn't I Tell You/ This Is The Night For Loving"   (Great Lakes Records 101)   Las Vegas label

Laura Greene   Cleveland
"Moonlight, Music And You/ Love Is Strange"   (RCA 9164)
"Come On In/ Memories And Souvenirs"   (Capitol 3300)
"Iím A Woman/ Blackbird"   (Mercury 73106)    1970
"Soul Symphony/ Pledging My Love"   (Silver Fox SF-1)    with Johnny McKinnis
"You Take My Heart Away/ If I Had You"   (Epic 292)   1976
"Let Me Blow Your Whistle/ Manhattan"   (Sound Trek 103/ 4)   1979

Don Gregory and the Soul Trainers   Cleveland
"Soul Line/ Soul Line (Inst.)"   (Apt 26013)

Arthur Griswold   Toledo
"Pretty Mama Blues/ Trying For A Future"   (Fortune 871)   1965    with The Organics
"Daddy, Daddy/ Inst."   (Fortune 872)   1965   as Roman and Daddy Griswold
"Daddy, Daddy/ I Just Got To Know"   (LaVal 872)   as The Griswolds
"Trying For The Future/ Christmas Time Baby"   (Solid Rock 643/4)   B-side by The Organics

Hamilton Movement   Hamilton
"She's Gone/ We're Gonna Party"   (Look-Out 007)   Indianapolis, IN label
"Your Love (Brings Out The Man In Me)/ Having A Set"   (Look-Out 008)
"Love Man/ We're Gonna Party"   (Look-Out 009)
"Send Me Some Love/ Love Circuit"   (Look-Out 521-16)   1975   with the Stonefunk Band
"Love Man (That's What I Long To Be)/ We're Gonna Party"   (Soundwaves 4547)
"Dance Man/ Dance Man (Inst.)"   (Soundwaves 4588)    1979

The Harmonics   Akron
"Let Me Go/ People Get Ready"   (Gold Plate 7187)   1971
"Let Me Go/ Scum-A-Doom Doom"   (Gold Plate 7187)   1971
"Be Your Man/ Scum-A-Doom Doom (In The Ghetto)"   (Sock-It 003/ 4)
"Be Your Man/ Scum-A-Doom Doom"   (Seventy Seven 102)

The Hesitations   Cleveland
"Soul Superman/ I'm Not Built That Way"   (Kapp 790)   1966
"Soul Kind Of Love/ Wait A Minute"   (Kapp 810)   1967
"She Won't Come Back/ I'll Be Right There"   (Kapp 822)   1967
"You'll Never Know/ You Can't Bypass Love"   (Kapp 848)   1967
"Born Free/ Love Is Everywhere"   (Kapp 878)   1967
"The Impossible Dream/ When You're Down And Out"   (Kapp 899)   1968
"Climb Every Mountain/ My World"   (Kapp 911)   1968
"Who Will Answer/ If You Ever Need A Hand"   (Kapp 926)    1968
"With Pen In Hand/ A Whiter Shade Of Pale"   (Kapp 948)    1968
"Yes I'm Ready/ Is This The Way To Treat A Girl"   (GWP 504)   1969
"No Brag Just Fact/ Momma Look Sharp"   (GWP 512)   1969   as Debbie Taylor & the Hesitations

Ricky Hodges   Cleveland
"Save Me/ Pt. 2"   (Palos 1208)   Chicago label

The Human Body   Hamilton
"Make You Shake It/ Same"   (Bearsville 7-29296)   1984
"Cosmic Round Up/ Can We Touch"   (Elektra 7-69606)   1985

Ice Cold Energy   Cleveland
"Never Go Looking For Love/ Everybody Can Dance"   (Cold Fire 101)   Los Angeles label

The Imperial Wonders   Cleveland
"When I Fall In Love/ Trying To Get To You"   (Black Prince 317)
"My Baby (Just Told Me She Loves Me)/ Love Coming Down"   (Musicor 1477)   1973

The Intertains   Cleveland
"I See The Light/ Gotta Find A Girl"   (Uptown 717)   1965
"Glad I Found You/ I've Gotta Find Out For Myself"   (Uptown 729)   1966
"Glad I Found You/ Need Your Love (Right Now)"   (Uptown 729)   1966

Ivy   Akron
"Tell Me/ Hula Hoop"   (Arista 9522)   1986

Jerri Jackson   Cincinnati
"Love Me/ Will My Dream Come True"   (Parallax 401)
"Let Me Try/ I Can Almost Believe"   (Parallax 402)

A.C. Jones and the Soulettes   Cleveland
"Hole In Your Soul/ Pt. 2"   (Imperial 66150)   1965   also on Luau 5-5588

Brenda Jones   Dayton
"You're The Love Of My Life/ Thread The Needle"   (Rust R-112)   as Brenda Lee Jones
"Super Stroke/ Big Mistake"   (Mercury 73482)   1974
"I Am The Other Woman/ Good Thing (What It Is)"   (Mercury 73645)   1974   with Coconut Love
"This Is The Me Me (Not The You You)/ Morning Children"   (Flying Dutchman 10671)   1976   with Groove Holmes

Sammy Jones   Cleveland
"Making Tracks/ Words Won't Come My Way"   (Constellation 129)   1964
"Tennessee Waltz/ Nothing Can Change This Love"   (Hull 1203)   1966
"Cinderella Jones/ Don't Touch Me"   (Mascot 711)   1967
"Cinderella Jones/ Don't Touch Me"   (Wand 1158)   1967
"Red Hog/ Sweeping Your Dirt Under My Rug"   (Mercury 73325)   1972   also on Jenesis 236

Junie   Dayton
"Tightrope/ Walt's First Trip"   (Eastbound E-619)   1973
"Granny's Funky Rolls-Royce/ Super J"   (Westbound WT-5013)   1975
"If You Love Him/ Suzie Thundertussy"   (Westbound WT-5027)   1976
"Love Has Taken Me Over/ Why"   (Warner Brothers 11362)
"Rappin About Rappin (Uh-Uh-Uh)/ Cry Me A River"   (Columbia 168521)
"Stick It In/ Same"   (Island 7-99663)    as Junie Morrison
"Tease Me/ Same"   (Island 7-99693)   as Junie Morrison

Kinsman Dazz   Cleveland
"Dazzberry Jam/ I Might As Well Forget About Loving You"   (20th Century Fox 2390)
"Get Down With The Feeling/ Makin' Music"   (20th Century Fox 2401)   1978
"Keep On Rockin'/ I Searched Around"   (20th Century Fox 2417)   1979
"I Searched Around/ Catchin' Up On Love"   (20th Century Fox 2435)   1979
"Dancin' Free/ I Searched Around"   (20th Century Fox 2453)   1979

La Flavour   Cleveland
"As Time Goes By/ Sticks"   (Mercury 74029)   1978
"As Time Goes By/ When The Whistle Blows"   (Mercury 74055)    1979
"To The Boys In The Band/ Can You Dance"   (MCA 51081)   also on Sweet City 7381

Lakeside   Dayton
"If I Didn't Have You/ It's Only The Outside That Counts"   (ABC 12255)   1977
"It's All The Way Live/ Pt. 2"   (Solar 11380)   1978
"Pull My Strings/ Visions Of My Mind"   (Solar 11746)   1979
"From 9:00 Until/ All In My Mind"   (Solar 11931)   1980
"Fantastic Voyage/ I Can't Get You Out Of My Head"   (Solar 12129)   1980
"Your Love Is On The One/ I Love Everything You Do"   (Solar 12188)   1981
"I Need You/ Strung Out"   (Solar 12274)   1981
"We Want You (On The Floor)/ All For You"   (Solar 12334)   1981
"Magic Moments/ I Want To Hold Your Hand"   (Solar 47954)   1981

Jimmy Landers and his All-Stars   Cleveland
"Ain't That Funky Monkey Fonky/ Inst."   (Whip 347)   A-side by Little Mell      Detroit label
"Going And Get It/ Inst."   (Northern De La T-503)   A-side by Calvin Williams      Detroit label

Leroy and the Drivers   Cincinnati
"Blow Wind/ L-O-V-E"   (Coral 62515)
"Don't Ever Leave Me/ You Picked The Wrong Time"   (Coral 62544)
"The Sad Chicken/ Rainy Night In Georgia"   (Duo D-7458)   Chicago label

Herman Lewis   Cincinnati
"Think Twice Before You Walk Away/ Who's Kissing You Tonight"   (Mercury 73002)   1970

Limmie and the Family Cookin'   Akron
"You Can Do Magic/ Spider"   (Avco 4602)   1972
"Made In Heaven/ Heartbreak Kid"   (Avco 4621)   1973
"A Walkin' Miracle/ Here's Tomorrow"   (Avco 4637)
"I Can Stop (Any Time I Want To)/ I Can Do It In My Sleep"   (Bareback 524)    1977
"A Little Bit of Soap/ Only A Movie"   (Bareback 525)

London Fogg   Dayton
"Easy Mover/ Trippin"   (Imperial 66440)   1970   also on Gold Stars 100

The Lovemakers   Springfield
"When You're Next To Me/ My Girl Is Really Dynamite"   (Island 039)   1975
"Down And Out/ My Girl Is Really Dynamite"   (Island 046)   1975

Marie "Queenie" Lyons   Ashtabula
"Good Soul Loving/ A Minute Of His Good Time"   (Sims 104)

Mass Movement   Lexington
"Good Ole Funky Music/ Party Time USA"   (GRT 102)   also on Freedom 27/28

Roy Meriwether Trio   Dayton
"Little Lousy Jane/ Soup And Onions"   (Columbia 4-43509)
"Never On Sunday/ Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah"   (Columbia 4-43576)
"Roy's Blues/ Gambit"   (Columbia 4-43993)
"The Seventh Son/ Blue Rondo A La Turk"   (Columbia 4-44211)
"Alfie/ Respect"   (Columbia 4-44318)
"Tribulation/ Theme From Canterbury Tales"   (Capitol 2456)
"Nubian Lady/ Pt. 2"   (Stinger 304229)   Indiana label
"Jesus Christ Superstar/ Pt. 2"   (Notes Of Gold NG-101)

Maurice Moore and Family Affair Band   Warren
"Everything That Shines Ain't Gold/ Pt. 2"   (Marjon 1073)    1977   Pennsylvania label

The Moroccos   Dayton
"Pig Knuckles/ Back To School Again"   (Motown M-1047)   1963   as Morocco Muzik Makers

Bill Moss   Columbus
"Sock It To 'Em Soul Brother/ Inst"   (Bell 771)    1969
"Number One/ Inst."   (Bell 826)   1969   also on Capsoul CS-1

Moving Violation   Cleveland
"Spinnin' Top/ Wild Goose Chase"   (Atlantic 3030)   1974

Ne Rak   (aka Alias Funk and Soul)   Akron
"Go Jimmy Go/ Pt. 2"   (KLH 7492)   1976   Georgia label

New Horizons   Dayton
"Your Thing Is Your Thing/ Pt. 2"   (Columbia 38-03887)   1983

Ike Noble   Toledo
"Your Love/ Your Love Has Got Gusto"   (Chanson CH-1177)   Nashville label

Nytro   Columbus
"What Is It/ What It Is"   (Whitfield 8356)   1977
"I Paid My Dues/ Radio Queen"   (Whitfield 8690)   1978
"Nytro Express/ Return To Nytropolis"   (Whitfield 8780)   1979
"High On Disco/ Make It"   (Whitfield 49003)   1979

Ohio Players   Dayton
"A Thing Called Love/ Neighbors"   (Tangerine 978)   1967
"Trespassin'/ You Don't Mean It"   (Compass CO-7015)   1967
"It's A Crying Shame/ I've Got To Hold On"   (Compass CO-7018)   1968
"Here Today And Gone Tomorrow/ Bad Bargain"   (Capitol 2385)
"Pain/ Pt. 2"   (Westbound W-188)   1971   also on Top Hit 28047
"Pleasure/ I Wanna Hear From You"   (Westbound W-204)   1972
"Varee Is Love/ Walt's First Trip"   (Westbound W-208)   1972
"Paint Me/ Funky Worm"   (Westbound W-214)   1973
"Ecstasy/ Not So Sad And Lonely"   (Westbound W-216)   1973
"Sleep Talk/ Food Stamps Y'all"   (Westbound W-228)   1974
"Rattlesnake/ Gone Forever"   (Westbound WT-5018)   1975
"Jive Turkey/ Streakin' Cheek To Cheek"   (Mercury 73480)   1974
"Skin Tight/ Heaven Must Be Like This"   (Mercury 73609)   1974
"Fire/ Together"   (Mercury 73643)   1974
"I Want To Be Free/ Smoke"   (Mercury 73675)   1975
"Sweet Sticky Thing/ Alone"   (Mercury 73713)   1977
"Love Rollercoaster/ It's All Over"   (Mercury 73734)   1975
"Happy Holidays/ Pt. 2"   (Mercury 73753)   1975
"Fopp/ Let's Love"   (Mercury 73775)   1976
"Bi-Centennial/ Who'd She Coo"   (Mercury 73814)   1976
"Far East Mississippi/ Only A Child Can Love"   (Mercury 73860)   1976
"Feel The Beat (Everybody Disco)/Contradiction"   (Mercury 73881)   1976
"Body Vibes/Don't Fight My Love"   (Mercury 73913)   1977
"O-H-I-O/ Can You Still Love Me"   (Mercury 73932)   1977
"Angel/ Merry Go Round"   (Mercury 73956)   1977
"Good Luck Charm/ Pt. 2"   (Mercury 73974)   1977
"Magic Trick/Mr. Mean"   (Mercury 73983)   1978
"Sleep Walkin'/ Funk-O-Nots"   (Mercury 74014)   1978
"Time Slips Away/Not Enough"   (Mercury 74031)    1978
"Take De Funk Off, Fly/ Everybody Up"   (Arista AS-0408)    1979
"Don't Say Goodbye/ Say It"   (Arista AS-0440)    1979
"Skinny/ Call Me"   (Boardwalk WS8-02063)    1981
"Try A Little Tenderness/ Try To Be A Man"   (Boardwalk WS8-5708)    1981
"I'd Better Take A Coffee Break/ The Star Of The Party"   (Boardwalk 133)    
"Playgirl/ Playgirl (Dub)"   (Anutha 1201)   1985   as Ronnie Diamond & the Nu Ohio Players
"Sweat/ Vibe Alive"   (Track TRK-588111-7)    1988
"Let's Play (From Now On)/ Show Off"   (Track TRK-58812-7)    1988

Ohio Untouchables   Dayton
"She's My Hearts Desire/ What To Do"   (Lu Pine 109)   1962   Detroit label
"Forgive Me, Darling/ Your Love Is Amazing"   (Lu Pine 110)   1963   
"What To Do/ She's My Heartís Desire"   (Lu Pine 1009)   1964   as Benny McCain & the Ohio Untouchables
"I'm Tired/ Up Town"   (Lu Pine 1011)   1964   

The O'Jays   Canton   (to 1972)
"Miracles/ I Can Take It"   (Apollo 759)   1961
"Crack Up Laughing/ How Does It Feel"   (Little Star 124)   1963
"Dream Girl/ Joey St. Vincent"   (Little Star 125)   1963
"Now He's Home/ Just To Be With You"   (Little Star 126)   1963
"Crack Up Laughing/ How Does It Feel"   (Imperial 5942)   1963
"Lonely Drifter/ That Is Enough"   (Imperial 5976)   1963
"Stand Tall/ The Storm Is Over"   (Imperial 66007)   1963
"My Dearest Beloved/ I'll Never Stop Loving You"   (Imperial 66025)   1964
"You're On Top/ Lovely Dee"   (Imperial 66037)   1964
"Oh, How You Hurt Me/ Girl Machine"   (Imperial 66076)   1964
"Lipstick Traces (On A Cigarette)/ Think It Over, Baby"   (Imperial 66102)   1965
"I Cried My Last Tear/ Whip It On Me"   (Imperial 66121)   1965
"You're The One/ Let It All Out"   (Imperial 66131)   1965
"I'll Never Let You Go/ It Won't Hurt"   (Imperial 66145)   1965
"Pretty Words/ I'll Never Forget You"   (Imperial 66162)   1966
"No Time For You/ A Blowing Wind"   (Imperial 66177)   1966
"Stand In For Love/ Friday Night"   (Imperial 66197)   1966
"Lonely Drifter/ That's Enough"   (Imperial 66200)   1966
"Stand In For Love (live version)/ No Time For Love"   (Imperial 066)
"Hold On/ Working On Your Case"   (Minit 32015)   1966
"I'll Be Sweeter Tomorrow/ I Dig Your Act"   (Bell 691)   1967
"Look Over Your Shoulder/ I'm So Glad I Found You"   (Bell 704)   1968
"The Choice/ Going Going Gone"   (Bell 737)   1968
"I Miss You/ Now That I've Found You"   (Bell 749)   1968
"That's Alright/ Don't You Know A True Love"   (Bell 770)   1969
"One Night Affair/ There's Someone"   (Neptune 12)   1969
"You're The Best Thing Since Candy/ Branded Bad"   (Neptune 18)   1969
"Without The One You Love/ There's Someone Waiting"   (Neptune 20)   1969
"Deeper/ I've Got The Groove"   (Neptune 22)   1970
"Looky Looky/ Let Me In Your World"   (Neptune 31)   1970
"Christmas Ain't Christmas/ Just Can't Get Enough"   (Neptune 33)
"Peace/ Pt. 2"   (All Platinum 112)   1972   also on Astroscope 106

The Organics   Toledo
"Good Thing Going/ Foot Stumping"   (Compose 126)   Detroit label
"Trying For The Future/ Christmas Time Baby"   (Solid Rock 644)   Detroit label

Over Night Low   Dayton
"To Be Or Not To Be/ Get To Your Soul"   (Chess CH-2146)   1974

Dunn Pearson   Cleveland
"Groove On Down/ Same"   (Shrylden SH-3002)   1978

David Peoples   Cleveland
"Get A New Line/ Blueberry Hill"   (Musicor 1480)

Platypus   Dayton
"Dancing In The Moonlight/ Body And Soul"   (Casablanca 999)   1979
"Dance If You Can/ Love The Way You Funk"   (Casablanca 2224)   1979
"Color Blind/ Have A Good Time"   (Casablanca 2285)   1979
"Appreciate Your Love/ Color Blind"   (Casablanca 2288)   1980

Pleasure Web   Akron
"Music Man/ Pt. 2"   (Eastbound E-617)   1973

The Proto-Jays   Toledo
"You Counterfeit Girl/ Can I Share Your Love"   (Riley's DR-8790)   Detroit label

Purple Image   Cleveland
"Why?/ (Marching To) A Different Drummer"   (De-Lite 526)   also on Var-1 66

The Quixotics   Toledo
"Reach Out/ Inst."   (Blackman AR-3618)   Detroit label

Lou Ragland   Cleveland
"I Travel Alone/ Big Wheel"   (Amy 988)   1966
"Since You Said You'd Be Mine/ I Didn't Mean To Leave You"   (Warner Brothers 7734)   1973
"In The Hours Of Darkness/ Inst."   (Casino 401)   Las Vegas label

Ramp   Cincinnati
"Everybody Loves The Sunshine/ The American Promise"   (Blue Thumb BT-214)   1977

Rare Pleasure   Dayton
"Let Me Down Easy/ Same (Long Version)"   (Cheri C-505)

The Realistics   Cleveland
"Too Shy/ Please Baby Please"   (De-Lite DE-528)    1970

Red Top & the Young Family   Lorain
"Barbara/ Love Power"   (Tri-City 315)   Michigan label
"City Affairs/ Serenade To Mama"   (Raven 45119)   1982   Alabama label

Revelation Funk   Akron
"Bear Funk/ Elastic Lover"   (Gold Plate NIL-1014)

Lea Roberts   Dayton
"Prove It/ When Something Is Wrong With My Baby"   (Minit 32069)   1969
"Love On My Mind/ Stay With Me"   (Minit 32095)   1970
"Don't Let Me Fall In Love Alone/ Fifty-Fifty"   (United Artists 50733)
"Can't Get Enough Of You/ You And I"   (United Artists 50785)   1971
"Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me/ Mr. Preacher Man"   (United Artists 50896)
"I Understand/ It's Love (That Makes A Woman Do Right)"   (United Artists 159)   1973
"If You Don't Want My Love (Give It Back)/ Coming Back Home"   (United Artists 223)
"Excuse Me/ Maybe I Don't Show It"   (United Artists 288)
"I Know/ Ivory"   (United Artists 358)
"Find A Place/ Let It Shine"   (United Artists 429)   1974
"Laughter In The Rain/ She Will Break Your Heart"   (United Artists 539)
"All Right Now/ All Over Again"   (United Artists 626)
"Loving You Gets Better With Time/ All Over Again"   (United Artists 667)   1975

Cleveland Robinson   Cleveland
"These Are The Hands/ Come Change Your Name To Mine"   (Ascot 2132)   also on Debra 63

The Rotations   Cleveland
"If I Could Be Like Columbus/ Don't Ever Hurt Me Girl"   (Law-Ton 1550)

Little Joe Roman   Cincinnati
"When You're Lonesome (Come On Home)/ We Got A Love"   (Tuff 419)

Richard Russell   Cleveland
"Wish You Were Here/ No Body Can Stop Me"   (Double R 803)   Georgia label
"I Loved And I Lost/ No Body Can Stop Me"   (Double R 7037)   1970   Georgia label
"Wish You Were Here/ No Body Can Stop Me"   (Kashe 444)   

Tommy Sears   Cincinnati
"Higher, Higher/ When You Have Rock N' Roll"   (Jaime 1419)
"Get Out/ Soul City"   (Chalet CHR-1050)   Nashville label
"A Walk On The Outside/ Blues Adlib"   (Chalet CHR-1062)   Nashville label

Segments of Time   Columbus
"Song To The System/ Pt. 2"   (Sussex 246)   1972
"Tears Keep Falling/ Memories"   (Sussex 256)    1973

Al Serafini Orchestra and the Sir Alberts   Cleveland
"Hey, Soul Man/ Lil Rosey"   (Audio Fidelity 174)

Seven Miles High   Cleveland
"She's Gone Away/ Do It To You"   (Gerim 1003)   1981   Chicago label

Shadow   Dayton
"I Need Love/ Say It Again"   (Elektra 46540)   1979
"No Better Love/ I Enjoy Ya"   (Elektra 46605)   1980
"Mystery Dancer/ Hot City"   (Elektra 47002)   1980
"Born To Hustle/ ???"   (Elektra 47161)   1981
"Party In The Streets/ Clouds"   (Elektra 47236)   
"Party In The Streets/ Same"   (Elektra 47404)   1982
"Sinister Way/ Same"   (Elektra 47439)   1982

Slave   Dayton
"Slide/ Son Of Slide"   (Cotillion 44218)   1977
"Can't Get Enough Of You/ Baby Sinister"   (Cotillion 44235)
"Stellar Fungk/ Drac Is Back"   (Cotillion 44238)   sic
"Just A Freak/ The Way You Love Is Heaven"   (Cotillion 44242)
"Foxy Lady (Funky Lady)/ Are You Ready For Love"   (Cotillion 45011)
"Sizzlin' Hot/ Never Get Away"   (Cotillion 46004)
"Watchin' You/ Dreaming"   (Cotillion 46006)
"Snap Shot/ Funken Town"   (Cotillion 46022)
"Wait For Me/ Steal Your Heart"   (Cotillion 46028)

Sly, Slick and Wicked   Cleveland
"Stay My Love/ Surely, Is You Is Or Is You Ain't My Baby"   (Paramount 0165)   1972
"It's Not Easy/ Your Love Was Meant For Me"   (Paramount 0186)   1973
"Sho Nuff/ I'm Ready For You"   (People PE-625)   1973

Kenny Smith   Cincinnati
"Keep On Walkin' Baby/ We Have Each Other"   (Chess 1947)    1965
"My Day Is Coming/ Go For Yourself"   (RCA 47-8850)   with the Loveliters

The Solicitors   Dayton
"Music For The Brothers/ Acid"   (Excello 2311)   1970
"Do It Like You Feel It/ Long Journey"   (Excello 2317)   1970
"Robot Strut/ Long Journey"   (Abet 9448)   1972

S.O.U.L.   Cleveland
"Down In The Ghetto/ Pt. 2"   (Musicor MU-1434)   1970
"Soul/ Pt. 2"   (Musicor MU-1444)   1970
"Tell It Like It Is/ Can You Feel It"   (Musicor MU-1454)   1970
"Tell It Like It Is/ Burning Spear"   (Musicor MU-1454)   1971
"Love, Peace And Power/ Can You Feel It"   (Musicor MU-1460)   1971
"To Mend A Broken Heart/ Peace Of Mind"   (Musicor MU-1463)   1971
"On Top Of The World/ This Time Around"   (Musicor MU-1472)   1972
"On Top Of The World/ Playhouse Square"   (Musicor MU-1484)   1973
"The Joneses/ Pt. 2"   (Musicor MU-1500)   1974
"I Need Somebody To Love/ Rope-A-Dope"   (Dynamo 6004)    1975

Soul Partners   Columbus
"Walk On Judge/ Lose The One You Love"   (Bell 758)   1969   also on Holiday 150
"Boo Boo/ Spead"   (Bell B-792)    1969

Soul Toranodoes   Akron
"Go For Yourself/ Funky Thang"   (Magic City MC-008)   Detroit label
"Go For Yourself/ Funky Thang"   (Burt 4000)
"Hot Pants Breakdown/ Boots Grove"   (Magic City MC-014)

Bill Spoon   Cleveland
"Love Is On The Way/ Don't Play With My Love"   (Hense Forth LA-1010)   1990

The Stereo's   Wintersville
"Stereo Freeze/ Pt. 2"   (Cadet 5577)   also on Hyde 101
"I Feel Soul A' Coming/ I Can't Stop These Tears"   (Cadet 5626)   1968

Strutt   Cleveland
"Strutt Your Stuff/ Inst."   (First String 5183)   

The Sugar Cakes   Cleveland
"Chains/ When I'm With You"   (Warner Brothers 7293)   1969

Sun   Dayton
"Wanna Make Love (Come Flick My Bic)/ Love Is Never Sure"   (Capitol 4254)
"Boogie Bopper/ The Show Is Over"   (Capitol 4382)
"Sun Is Here/ Long Drawn Out Thang"   (Capitol 4587)
"Radiation Level/ Inst."   (Capitol 4713)
"Pure Fire/ Deep Rooted Feeling"   (Capitol 4780)
"Slam Dunk The Ffunk/ Same"   (Capitol 5092)   1982

Switch   Mansfield
"There'll Never Be/ You Pulled The Switch"   (Gordy 7159)   1978
"I Wanna Be Closer/ Somebody's Watchin' You"   (Gordy 7163)   1978
"Best Beat In Town/ Itís So Real"   (Gordy 7168)   1979
"I Call Your Name/ Best Beat In Town"   (Gordy 7175)   1979
"I Call Your Name/ Next To You"   (Gordy 7175)   1979
"Don't Take My Love Away/ Inst."   (Gordy 7181)   1979
"Next To You/ My Friend In The Sky"   (Gordy 7190)   1980
"Love Over And Over Again/ Keep Movin' On"   (Gordy 7193)   1980
"You And I/ Get Back With You"   (Gordy 7199)   1980
"I Do Love You/ Without You In My Life"   (Gordy 7214)   1981
"Call On Me/ Fallin"   (Motown 1603)   1982
"Switch It Baby/ Inst."   (Total Experience 2401)   1984
"I'm So Satisfied/ Inst."   (Total Experience 2408)   1985

The Swordsmen   Cleveland
"Oh My Soul/ Seems I'm Never Tired Lovin' You"   (Ninandy 1014)
"Grow On Love/ That's When A Woman Needs A Man"   (RCA 9745)
"Here I Am/ Gimme Some"   (RCA 0240)
"Sho-Be-Do-Di-Da/ Something"   (RCA 0337)
"You Came/ How Could You Forget Our Love"   (RCA 0421)
"It Seems I'm Never Tired Loving You/ What's It All About World"   (RCA 0492)
"Hip Thang/ I'm So Glad"   (RCA 74-0561)

Taurus and Leo   Cleveland
"Goin' Out The World Backwards/ I Ain't Playing Baby"   (Velvet Sound 367)

Ronnie Taylor   Columbus
"Without Love/ I Can't Take It"   (Revilot RW-212)   1967   also on Nassau 101

The Teardrops   Cincinnati
"Tears Come Tumbling/ You Won't Be There"   (Musicor 1139)   also on Saxony 1008

The T.N.T. Flashers    Steubenville
"Weak Man/ Doin' A Thing With My Folks"   (Artco Doobie 101)   Los Angeles label

Kim Tolliver   Cleveland
"Get A Little Soul/ Return For Your Love"   (Sure-Shot 5035)   1967
"I'll Try To Do Better/ I Gotta Find A Way"   (Rojac ROJ-126)   1968
"Tuesday's Child/ (You're Trying To) Cop My Stuff"   (Rojac ROJ-128)   1969
"I'll Try To Do Better/ Let Them Talk"   (Rojac ROJ-129)   1969
"Driving Me To The Arms Of A Stranger/ I Gotta Find A Way"   (Rojac ROJ-131)   1970
"How Long Can I (Keep Hanging On)/ Pt. 2"   (Superheavy 301)   as Big Ella
"Standing Room Only/ Your Love's On The Money"   (Pathfinder 101)
"I Don't Know What Foot To Dance On/ Inst."   (Castro 101/ 2)    1975
"If Loving You Is Wrong/ Pt. 2"   (Revillot R-8008)    1980

Roger Troutman   Hamilton
"Girl Cut It Out/ So Ruff So Tuff"   (Warner Brothers 29123)   as Roger
"Midnight Hour/ Pt. 2"   (Warner Brothers 29231)   as Roger

Truth   Cleveland
"Thank You Girl For Hanging On/ What Direction"   (Philly Groove PG-1981)    1981

Tommy Tucker   Springfield
"Hi Heel Sneakers/ I Don't Want' Cha (Watcha Gonna Do)"   (Checker 1067)   1964
"Long Tall Shorty/ Mo' Shorty"   (Checker 1075)   1964
"Alimony/ All About Melanie"   (Checker 1112)   1965
"Chewin' Gum/ (All My Life) I've Been A Fool"   (Checker 1133)   1966
"Sitting Home Alone/ I'm Shorty"   (Checker 1178)   1967
"A Whole Lot Of Fun Before The Weekend Is Done/ Real True Love"   (Checker 1186)   1967
"That's Life/ That's How Much I Love You Baby"   (Festival 704)   1966

The Ultimates   Columbus
"Girl, I've Been Trying To Tell You/ I Just Can't Stand It"   (Br-Roma 101)   New Jersey label

Unique Blend   Toledo
"Yes I'm In Love/ Old Fashioned Woman"   (Eastbound 601)   1972
"Mommy And Daddy/ Does He Treat You Better"   (Eastbound 626)   1974

Universal Joint   Steubenville
"Love Won't Wear Off (As The Years Wear On)/ Inst."   (Sniff 382)   1971   NYC label

The Variations   Cleveland
"Empty Words/ Yesterday Is Gone"   (Okeh 7324)   also on Bob-Joy 1001

Silky Vincent   Akron
"Funky World/ Pt. 2"   (Eastbound E-618)   1973   also on Hook Up 30731/ 2
"Legs/ You Are The One"   (Player 137)   1984   as Silky and the D.G.B.   Nashville label

Bobby Wade   Cleveland
"They Call It Stormy Monday/ You Don't Understand Me"   (Marjon 508)   Pennsylvania label
"Only Me/ Inst."   (C & G 100)   as the Imperials featuring Bobby Wade    Las Vegas label

Robert Ward and the Ohio Untouchables   Dayton
"Nobody Does Something For Nothing/ Your Love Is Real"   (Thelma 601)   Detroit label
"Your Love Is Real/ I'm Gonna Cry A River"   (Thelma 602)   1964
"She's My Heart's Desire/ What To Do"   (Thelma 603)   1964
"My Love Is Strictly Reserved For You/ (I Will) Fear No Evil"   (Groove City 201)   Detroit label

Albert Washington   Cincinnati
"Go On And Help Yourself/ Loosen These Pains And Let Me Go"   (Jewel 822)   1971
"I Wanna Know How You Feel/ Love Is A Wonderful Thing"   (Jewel 836)   1973
"Betty Jane/ If You Need Me"   (Jewel 837)   1973   also on L&W 721102
"Sad And Lonely/ Wings Of A Dove"   (Eastbound E-613)   1973

John Washington   Cleveland
"Everlasting Love/ Oh Girl"   (Delite DE-542)   1971

Jeanette Williams   Columbus
"You Didn't Know Then/ A Friend Of Mine"   (Backbeat 556)   1966
"Mr. Soft Touch/ All Of A Sudden"   (Backbeat 568)   1966
"Something's Got A Hold On Me/ Longing For Your Love"   (Backbeat 587)   1968
"Stuff/ You Gotta Come Through"   (Backbeat 601)   1969
"Hound Dog/ I Can Feel A Heartbeat"   (Backbeat 609)   1969

Timmy Willis   Columbus
"Mr. Soul Satisfaction/ I'm Wondering"   (Sidra 9013)   Detroit label
"Mr. Soul Satisfaction/ I'm Wondering"   (Veep V-1279)   1968
"Don't Let Temptation/ Gotta Get Back To Georgia"   (Veep V-1288)   1968
"I Finally Found A Woman/ Neveruary"   (Jubilee 5660)   1969
"Easy As Saying 1-2-3/ I'm A Man"   (Jubilee 5690)   1970
"Give Me A Little Sign/ Don't Want To Set Me Free"   (Epic 5-10934)   1972

Bobby Wilson   Dayton
"Feels Good/ Let Me Down Slow"   (Volt 144)   1967
"Here Is Where The Love Is/ Anything"   (Chain 2101)   1973
"All I Need (I've Got)/ When I Don't See A Smile On Your Face"   (Chain 2103)
"Hey Girl (Tell Me)/ Deeper And Deeper"   (Buddah 449)   1975
"I'll Be Your Rainbow/ Let Me (Put Love Back In Your Life)"   (Buddah 472)   1975

Ruby Winters   Cincinnati
"In The Middle Of A Heartache/ Act Three"   (Diamond 207)   1967
"Make Love To Me/ Teach Me Tonight"   (Diamond 218)   1967   with Johnny Thunder
"The Bells Of St. Mary's/ Try Me"   (Diamond 223)   1967
"Better/ I Want Action"   (Diamond 230)   1967
"We Only Have One Life/ Teach Me Tonight"   (Diamond 238)   1967   with Johnny Thunder
"Just Like A Yo-Yo/ I Don't Want To Cry"   (Diamond 255)    1968
"I Don't Want To Hurt Nobody/ Just A Dream"   (Diamond 258)   1968
"We're Living To Give (To Give To Each Other)/ Always David"   (Diamond 265)   1969
"Sweetheart Things/ Guess Who"   (Diamond 269)   1969
"Great Speckled Bird/ It's Not Easy Baby"   (Certron 10027)   1970
"I Will/ Something's Burning"   (Polydor 14202)   1973
"Love Me Now/ You Can't Stop My Man From Loving Me"   (Polydor 14249)   1973
"Without You/ I'm A Loving Woman"   (Playboy 6048)   1975
"I Will/ Lonely Heartaches"   (Millennium 612)   1978
"Treat Me Right/ I Can't Fake It Anymore"   (Millennium 619)   1978

George Wydell   Youngstown
"From Out Of Nowhere/ I'm Gonna Cut You Loose"   (Tangerine TRC-964)

The X-Cellents   Dayton
"I'll Always Be On Your Side/ Hey, Little Willie"   (Leisure Time 1206)
"I'll Always Be On Your Side/ Hey, Little Willie"   (Smash 1996)

Ruby Yates and the Swinging Rocks   Cincinnati
"It's Been A Long Time/ Your Turn"   (Hit Productions no #)   Detroit label
"It's Been A Long Time/ I'd Cry A Tear Over You"   (acetate)     as Ruby & the Swinging Rocks

Years People   Cleveland
"Funky Drop Pt. 1/ You Came Along And Changed My Whole Life, And Made It Worth Living"   (Odex 133-OR-1067)

Billy Joe Young   Cincinnati
"I've Got You On My Mind Again/ Standing At The Edge Of Paradise"   (Paula 240)    1966
"The Push/ I Had My Heart Set On You"   (Jewel 775)   1966
"Little Tin Soldier/ Feelin' Blue"   (Jewel 782)   1967

Robert "Red Top" Young   Lorain
"Your Future/ Take Care Of Her"   (Soulsations 101)

Zapp   Hamilton   (to 1985)
"More Bounce Top The Ounce/ Pt. 2"   (Warner Bros. 49534)
"Be Alright/ Pt. 2"   (Warner Bros. 49623)
"Dance Floor/ Pt. 2"   (Warner Bros. 29961)
"Doo Wah Ditty/ Come On"   (Warner Bros. 29891)
"Playin' Kind Of Ruff/ Do You Really Want An Answer"   (Warner Bros. 29779)
"I Can Make You Dance/ Pt. 2"   (Warner Bros. 29553)
"Heartbreaker/ Pt. 2"   (Warner Bros. 29462)
"Spend My Whole Life/ Play Some Blues"   (Warner Bros. 293809)

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