Ohio artists on non-Ohio and national labels

* QCA = Queen City Audio pressing, Cincinnati | * R = Rite Records pressing, Cincinnati | *M = Mus-I-Col pressing, Columbus
Hamilton   Youngstown
101   Derc Hotzog "Puppy Love/ Church Going Girl"

Hard Times   Cincinnati    1. 2.
3001   Little Ron Johnson "Mama Don't Know/ This Old World"
3002   Stick Legs & the Butchering Persians "The Wedding/ The Flying Twist"
3004   Little Ron Johnson "I Keep Telling You/ Steam Roller"
3005   Charles "Chico" Harris "Poor Boy/ Wake Up America Don't Sleep Too Long"   1970
1492   The Egyptians "Come And Take My Love/ Inst."   1974   QCA-47539

H.B. Productions   Dayton   
no #   The Harden Brothers "Deep Inside Of You/ Inst."   1981

Heard   Cincinnati   
101   Revised Brotherhood "Tragedy/ Those Things"   1971   QCA-106229

Heat   Akron    1. 2. 3.
01978   Gangsters "I Feel You When You're Gone/ Smoke"    1979
2001   Gangsters "Wop That Wandy/ Chuga Chuga"   1980
2002   Gangsters "Shake Your Body/ Inst."   1981
2003   Rumple-Stilts-Skin "Forever/ Stop Your Running"
2007   Gangsters "Shake Your Body/ Strung Out On The Boogie"   1981
2008   Rumple-Stilts-Skin "I Need You/ Same"
2010   Ultimate Choice "My Body's Hot/ Inst."   1982
2012   Gangsters "Break Your Promise/ 5-10-15-20-25-30 Years Of Love"   1982
2016   Ivy "Until You Love Me/ Shake Your Body"
2017   Spellbound "Gonna Keep On Lovin' You/ Inst."
2021   Ivy "Beauty And The Beat/ Same"   1984
2022   Frederick "Gentle (Calling Your Name)/ Move On"   1985   QCA-501040
2023   Ultimate Choice "Little Red/ Party Jammers"   1985   QCA-501053
2027   Johnston Brown & Janice Dowlen "Just Two People In Love/ Same"
2028   Ivy "I Feel You When You're Gone/ Hula Hoop"   
2030   Frederick "Games/ That Body"
2032   Ivy "Tell Me/ Hula Hoop"
2033   Frederick "Somebody Won't Sleep Tonight/ Girl I Know You're Lonely"
2034   Spellbound "Let's Fly/ Someone To Call My Own"    1986
2035   Joy "There's A New Freak In Town/ Inst."    (12-inch)
2036   Spice "Ms. Eleanor/ Inst."    (12-inch)
2038   Ivy "Who's At The Door/ Rock The Room"
2039   Odyssey and Co. "You're So Silly/ Tattletale"   1987
2040   Byrd Presley "Something To Remember You By/ ???"
2042   Ivy "Standing Tall/ Addiction"   

Help!   ?   
91043   Chan and the Ohio Rhythm Makers "Feelin' Bad/ Ain't It Good Y'all"   1969   QCA-91043

High Altitude   Cincinnati   
406059   Satellite "You Can Drive My Space Ship/ You're The One I Love"   1984   QCA-406059

Highball   Toledo   
101   Big Jack Reynolds "You Better Leave That Woman Alone/ Walk On Up (Keep That Red Dress On)"   1989

Highland   Cleveland   
1000   Bill Spoon "Love Is On The Way/ Don't Play With My Love"   1980

Hillman St.   Youngstown    
101   Leroy Hamilton "Keep On Loving You/ I Need You So"

Hillside   Columbus   (only soul releases)    
1007   Dean Francis & the Soul Rockers "Funky Disposition/ Tippin"   1969
1013   Ron Harrington "It Happened To Me Again/ Out Of The Night"   1971

Hi-Tension   Cincinnati   
JRC-8005   Bobby Sparks & Hi-Tension Band "For Your Precious Love - Lonely Soldier/ I Stand Accused"

Hitbound   Akron
192   The Royal Masters "Dance Like You Wanna/ Pt. 2"    1979   QCA-906013

Hitsound   Cincinnati    
001   Charles Simmons with The Ohio Majestics Band "Save The World/ You've Got It All"

Hitwell   Cincinnati   
102045   Aftershock "Prom (Would You Care)/ Dancin"   1981   QCA-102045

Holiday   Columbus   1.  2.
125   The Vondors "Look In The Mirror/ Foot Loose"
150   Soul Partners "Lose The One You Love/ Walk On Judge"   1969   R-23315/ 6
175   Four Mints "You're My Desire/ You Want To Come Back"   

Hook Up   Akron    
30731/ 2   Silky Vincent "Funky World/ Pt. 2"   1973   R-30731/ 2   (also on Eastbound 618)
36435/ 6   Silky Vincent Group "Dream/ Breezing"   1976   R-36435/ 6
36437/ 8   Silky Vincent Group "Changed Man/ Get Down For Your Action"   1976   R-36437/ 8
no #   Silky Vincent Group "Come Back Baby/ Dance"   1979   (Georgia address)
no #   Silky Vincent Group "Missing You/ Tomorrow"   (Georgia address)

Horoscope   Cleveland   
101   Pandella Kelly "Loves Needed/ Stand In For Love"
102   Ponderosa Twins + 1 "Hey Girl/ You Send Me"      (also on Astroscope 102)

Hot Sox   Columbus   
1002   Eddie Ray and Company "I Want Your Love/ Don't Take Your Love"

Hot To Trot   Cincinnati
002   Luck feat. Gradual Taylor "Nobody Else To Blame/ Don't You Come Around"

House Guests   Cincinnati    1. 2. 3.
101   Gloria Taylor "Brother Less Than A Man/ Blue Glass Bubbles"
28205/ 6   House Guest Rated X "What So Never The Dance/ Pt. 2"   1971   R-28205/ 6
109318   House Guess "What So Never The Dance/ Pt. 2"   1971   QCA-109318   (label as House Guess)
28527/ 8   Ben Star "Never Love A Woman/ She's Extra"   1972   R-28527/ 8
28821/ 2   House Guests "My Mind Set Me Free/ Pt. 2"   1972   R-28821/ 2

Huntsville   Cleveland   
H-8303   The Stevens Bros. "Smoke And Fire/ Love Crazy"   1983   (Alabama band)

Hunza   Toledo   
1237   Charles Moore "My Heart Skipped A Beat/ No More Tears"
1238   Herbie Ross "No More Tears/ You Look Like A Movie Star"   1973

Hyde   Wintersville   
101   The Stereo's Combo "Stereo Freeze/ Pt. 2"   (also on Cadet 5577)

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