Ohio artists on non-Ohio and national labels

* QCA = Queen City Audio pressing, Cincinnati | * R = Rite Records pressing, Cincinnati | *M = Mus-I-Col pressing, Columbus
Fame City   Cleveland    
BYB-900   Inside/Out "Throw Another Log On The Fireplace/ I Can Fix It"   1989   

Fast Flight   Toledo / Chicago    
WTR-326   Raymond Alexander "Fair Game/ Inst."   1980   

Finch   Cincinnati    
9486   The Singing Mastermen "The Story of Calvary/ Jesus He's A Friend Of Mine"   R-9486   (gospel)   
10989    Albert Washington & his Kings "Ramble/ You Gonna Miss Me"   1963   R-10989   (blues)
7321/ 2   The Bees "Tough Enough/ Oh Yes"   (blues)   
352   Al Franklin Combo "Nocturne In Blue/ Down On The Farm"      
360   The Contours "I Found Love/ The Mission"      
506   The Bees "So Jealous/ Terror"   (blues)   
70479   Religious Gospelaires "He's Coming Again/ Smoothing Out The Rough Road"   1967   QCA-70479   (gospel)   
70529   The Lov-Ette Gospel Singers "I'm Tormented In The Flame/ I Don't Ask For Anything More"   1967   (gospel)
70670   Rev. S. Jerdo & the Soul Redeemers "On The Jericho Road/ Thus Said The Lord"   1967   (gospel)
70672    The Melodyaires of Dayton, OH "He Cares For Me/ Stay With Me Jesus"   1967   (gospel)
70931    The Five Chances "I'll Miss You (When You're Gone)/ Stranger I Love You"   1967   QCA-70931
70934    House of God Harmonizers "Lord Remember Me/ Jesus Knows"   1967   QCA-70934   (gospel)   
71027    Golden Eagles "Hold On/ I Got Shoes"   1967   QCA-71027   (gospel)   
81064    The Lattimore Sisters "If I Had My Way/ Please Remember Me"   1968   (gospel)   
81228    Helen Williams "I Can Trust Him/ I Am Packing Up To Move"   1968   (gospel)   
221967   Disciples of Sound "Fire/ House Of The Rising Sun"   1968   R-221967   (garage)
90225   The Christian-Aires of Cincinnati, Ohio "Wrestling With The Devil/ My Father Knows"   1969   QCA-90225
90513   Howard Singers "When They Ring Those Golden Bells/ Time Is Winding Up"   1969   QCA-90513   (gospel)
90826    The Impossibles "I Want A Real Live Woman/ Valley High"   1969   QCA-90826
0515    The Spiritual Tornados of Columbus, OH "I Am A Pilgrim/ Do You Know What I Mean"   1970   QCA-0515   (gospel)   
06114    The Howard Singers "So Soon/ Hide Me In Thy Bosom"   1970   QCA-06114   (gospel)   
06115    Gospel Travelers "Precious Lord/ ???"   1970   QCA-06115   (gospel)   
10245    Wandering Souls "Soon I'll Be At Home/ Nothing Will Ever Change Me from God"   1970   QCA-06115   (gospel)
10469    Herman George "The Lord Is A Brace For The World/ Enjoying God's Blessings"   1971   QCA-10469
13487/ 8   The Silvertones of Cincinnati "Leave It To Jesus/ Loved One Are Waiting"   1971   (gospel)
15334    The Silvertones of Cincinnati "Silent Night-Gospel Train/ Freedom After Awhile"   (gospel)
15763    Commandment Singers "What A Friend We Have In Jesus/ When The Gates Swing Open"   (gospel)
16155/ 6   Gospel Travelers "I Don't Know Why/ Fly Away"   (gospel)   
27346    The Cruisers "Don't Believe It/ Nightmare"   1971   QCA-106231
106231/ 2   The Chances "A Better Day Is Coming/ People Wake Up Before It's Too Late"   1971   QCA-106232
110236   The Mighty Pilgrims "I Tried/ God Is So Wonderful"   1971   QCA-110236   (gospel)
205032   The Singing Mastermen "The World Can't Do You No Harm/ Standing By The Bed Side Of A Neighbor"   (gospel)
3073-12   The Singing Mastermen "I Done Crossed The Separation Line/ Every Time I Try To Do My Best"   (gospel)
309312   The Dynamic Golden Stars "Oh When I Come/ Yes I'm Going"   1973   QCA-309312   (gospel)
U-23811   H-Bomb Ferguson & the Bluesmen "Medicine Man/ I Had A Dream"   (blues)   

Flax   Dayton    
F-1001    Reflections "Unborn Man/ She's Running Away"   

Flo-Roe   Cincinnati    
F-1111   Kenny Smith & the Loveliters "Soup Bone/ You'll Lose A Good Thing"   1968   QCA-80312
F-1112   Kenny Smith & the Loveliters "Go For Your Self/ Pt. 2"   1969   R-23222
F-1113   Kenny Smith & the Loveliters "One More Day/ Sinful Soul"   1969   QCA-90271

Fly-By-Nite   Cleveland    
3071-16   The Stone Creations "The It Song/ Hands On A Golden Key"   1973   QCA-307116
FBN-12673   Pat Stallworth "Questions/ Pt. 2"   1974   QCA-402124

Flying V   Hamilton    
12731   Big Red and the Comancheros "I'm So Glad/ Keep On Moving"   1964   R-12731

Fountain   Cincinnati    (only soul releases)    
2245   Oscar Robertson & the Rim Shots "The Big O/ Inst."   (B-side by Bill Walters)
2248   Ken Jett "I Can Dream Forever/ Uncle Willie (And The Monkey Too)"   

Fraternity   Cincinnati   (only soul releases)    
909   The Charmaines "Don't Take Away Our Love/ G.I. Joe"
916   Kenny Smith and Gerri Jackson "All The Time/ Summer's Gone"
917   The Charmaines "Goodbye Baby Goodbye/ If You Were Mine"
921   The Charmaines "I Idolize You/ Rockin' Pneumonia And The Boogie Woogie Flu"
931   The Charmaines "Rockin' Pneumonia/ Goodbye Baby Goodbye"
934   Kenny Smith "Deep In My Heart/ Money Talks"
944   The Casinos "The Gallop/ She's Out Of Sight"
948   The Corvairs "I'm Gonna Marry You / Lonely Boy, Lonely Girl"
949   The Casinos "The Gallop/ Right There Beside You"
960   Beau Dollar and the Coins "Soul Serenade/ Any Day Now"   (also on Prime 1157)
961   The Charmaines "G.I.Joe/ If You Were Mine"
963   Win Menifee "I'm Runnin' Around/ Reynose Jail"
970   The Charmaines "Goodbye Baby Goodbye/ I Can't Go On This Way"
977   The Casinos "I Still Love You/ Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye"
982   Albert Washington "Doggin' Me Around/ A Woman Is A Funny Thing"
985   The Casinos "Tailor Made/ It's All Over"
987   The Casinos "How Long Has It Been/ Forever And A Night"
988   Gene Hughes "Peggy/ We Could"
991   Albert Washington "Tellin' All Your Friends/ Rome, GA"
993   Kenny Smith & the Lovelites "Let's Try Again/ Night Beat"
995   The Casinos "When I Stop Dreaming/ Please Love"
1000   Mouse and the Traps "Beg, Borrow And Steal/ L.O.V.E. Love"
1001   The Imaginations "I Just Can't Get Over Losing You/ Strange Neighborhood"
1002   Albert Washington "Tellin' All Your Friends/ Rome Georgia"
1006   The Imaginations "No One Ever Lost More/ Strange Voice"
1008   Bill Locke "Someone To Take Your Place/ She's Got Soul"
1010   Albert Washington & the Kings "Woman Love/ Bring It On Up"
1016   Albert Washington "Turn On The Bright Lights/ Lonely Mountain"
1020   The Casinos "These Are The Things We'll Share/ Having Fun"
1021   Albert Washington "Hold Me Baby/ I'm Gonna Pour Me A Drink"   1969
1028   The Casinos "I Wish I Were Anyone But Me/ I Just Want To Stay Here"
1029   Albert Washington & the Kings "Having A Good Time/ He's Got The Whole World In His Hands"
1031   Roosevelt Lee "Hey Little Girl/ Pt. 2"
1032   Albert Washington & the Kings "Crazy Legs/ Pt. 2"
3368   Bobby Huff "Letters/ He Was A Friend"
3373  Westbound Freeway "Right Or Wrong/ Jamaican Jam"
3376   Lynn Bailey "A Little Light Shines / Love, Peace, & Music"
3387   Gene Hughes & the Casinos "Letters/ Don't You Ever Get Tired Of Hurting Me"
3397   Dave Lee & Act of Congress "Up On The Hill/ J.C.'s Boogie Woogie"
3398   Lynn Bailey "Messin' With My Mind/ Letters"
3401   Manzel "Space Funk/ Jump Street"   1975   (Kentucky artist)
3406   Larry & Vicky "Soul Salute To Elvis/ How I Wish (You Were Here)"   1977
3409   Sweet D "You've Got A Love/ I've Paid"   1978
3422   Manzel "Midnight Theme/ Sugar Dreams"   (Kentucky artist)
3430   S.J. and Friends "This Song/ Wooday Whopin"
3434   Dom DeCesare "Runaway/ Disco Twist"
3450   Saturn Symphony Orchestra "Capricorn Flight/ Sugar Dreams"   1981
3461   Gerald Brown "I'm Gonna Wear A Smile/ Good Morning Sun"   1981
3478   Gramps Et Al. "The Real T.D./ Same"   1982
3483   Lynda Seals "Skippin' Dippin'/ Head Start"
3511   Touche "Only Dance/ Hypnotic State"   1985
3516   Pearl "Get Ready/ Call It Reminisce"   1987
3520   I.C. Hot "Love Calculator/ Do You Want My Love"   1987
3582   Greg Johnson "Lovin' In The Moonlight/ I Found Faith"   1991
3583   Vincent Lloyd "Love Maze/ You Know"   1991
3591    Elahn "S-E-X-Uality/ Inst."   1991
3602   Mister McGee "You're What I'm Lookin' For/ Sue"   1992

Freedom   Lexington    
27/ 28    Mass Movement "Good Ole Funky Music/ Party Time USA"   1976   M    (also on GRT 102)

Fulfillment   Columbus    
103037/ 8    Seeds of Fulfillment "Love Me By Name/ Solemn Solitude"    1979   M

Fun City   Columbus?       
103333/ 4   Larry Rawls "Let's Stay Together/ Ready For DeFunk"   1980   M

Funk Factory   Dayton   
FFA-1001   C.Q.C.'s "Wake-Up (You're Sleepin' A Bit Too Late)/ If You Ain't Got No Money (You Can't Get No Honey)"    1977

Future Entertainment   Cleveland   
17710   Future Shock "Hip Shakin'/ Future Shock"   1984

Future Shock   Toledo / Chicago    
WTR-327   LaQue "Give Me Some Credit/ Inst."   1980   

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