Ohio artists on non-Ohio and national labels

* QCA = Queen City Audio pressing, Cincinnati | * R = Rite Records pressing, Cincinnati | *M = Mus-I-Col pressing, Columbus

Cabaret   Columbus    
1690   Ronnie Taylor Orch. "Moon Of Love/ One Summer Night"

Cam   Cleveland   
01/ 2   Odyssey and Company "Let Me Be/ Let Me Be (Inst.)"
01/ 2   Odyssey and Company "Let Me Be/ She's Perfect"
62088   Odyssey and Company "A Whisper Away/ A Whisper Away (Inst.)"

Capri   Cleveland   
NR-14211   Copperfield "Make It Good To Me Baby/ Inst."    1981
NR-15234   The Deltones "I'm Your Love Machine/ Inst."
CR-101   Copperfield "Message To Iran/ Pt. 2"
73831/ 2   Delicious "What's Happened Now/ (We're Getting Into) Trouble"   1983

Capsoul   Columbus    1. 2.
CS-20   Marion Black "Go On Fool/ Who Knows"   1970   R-27137
CS-21   Capsoul Group "Number One/ All I Need To Make It"
CS-22   Johnson, Hawkins, Tatum & Durr "You Can't Blame Me/ You're Love Keeps Drawing Me Closer"   1971   R-27552
CS-23   Four Mints "Row My Boat/ They Were Wrong"   1971
CS-24   Johnson, Hawkins, Tatum & Durr "A World Without You/ You're All I Need To Make It"   1972   R-29563
CS-25   Kool Blues "Why Did I Go/ (I'm Gonna) Keep On Loving You"   1972   QCA-210320
CS-26   Four Mints "Can't Get Strung Out/ In A Rut"   1973   QCA-305219
CS-26   Four Mints "Can't Get Strung Out/ Why Did I Go"   1973
CS-27   Four Mints "Do You Really Love Me/ (I'm Gonna) Keep On Loving You"   1972   QCA-306436
CS-28   Four Mints "You're My Desire/ You Want To Come Back"   1973
CS-30   Kool Blues "Can We Try Love Again/ I Want To Be Ready"   1974   QCA-49322
CS-31   Elijah & the Ebonies "Hot Grits!!!/ Sock It To 'Em Soul Brother"   1974   QCA-41113   (South Carolina group)
CS-1      Bill Moss "Number One/ Inst."   1974   (also on Bell 826)

Caribi   Cleveland    
C-7189   Soul Creole "Jungle Walk/ Man From The Jungle"    1971
C-7337   Soul Creole "Soulful And True/ Mi Amigo"    1973
C-7714   Me And My Friend, Oswald "Hey Mun, You Takiní My Woman, Mun/ You Sing It This Time Mun"    1977
C-7729   Combo Tipico "El Primo Pelu/ Mensaje En La Navidad"    1977   (Latin)
C-7818   Jorge Santaella "De Silucion/ A La Patria Mia"    1978   (Latin)
C-8306   Sexteto Estrellas "Te Veo Orita/ No Te Vallas"    1983   (Latin)

Carlco   Dayton    1. 2. 3. 4.
101   Dayton Sidewinders "Funky Chicken Stew/ Heavenly Love"   1970   R-25944
102   Dayton Sidewinders "Something/ You're The One I Need"   1970
103   Dayton Sidewinders "Go Ahead On/ Phoenix"   1971   QCA-107228
103   Ace Davis "Snakes/ Our Day Will Come"   1972   R-29340
4507   Dayton Sidewinders "Funky In Here/ Oh Me Oh My (I'm A Fool For You Baby)"   1972
741030   Mr G. & the Dayton Sidewinders Band "Let's Go Down To Funksville/ Slippin' Into Darkness"   1974

Carmille   Cincinnati   
8013   Indifference "Aaron's On Fire/ Inst"   1978

Casbar   Cleveland   
9245    Cash "Love Your Lovin'/ The Joy Of You"   
NR-15785   Cash "I Want To Be Loved By You/ Breakstreet"   1984
21583   Cash "Hot Thang/ Inst."   

Casey   Cincinnati   
7510   T-N-T Powerhouse "Follow Your Dream/ Basement Jam"   1975   R-34918

Castle Sound Productions   Cincinnati   
112039   Solar Energy "Tribute To Dr. Martin Luther King/ Same"   1981   QCA-112039
112040   Solar Energy "Music While You Sleep/ Do What You Want Girl"   1981   QCA-112040

C.E.I.   Fremont   (only soul releases)    
2510   The Soulations "Will You Be Mine/ Come On That's Love Baby"   
4025-14   Brother Elray Johnson "Why Did You Take Her Away/ I'm Gonna Hold On"   1974   QCA-402514

Chaminade   Dayton    
CHM-12285   Kym Yancey "Jimmy And Sally/ We're So Happy"   1984    QCA-311024

Charisma   Cleveland   
RB-100   Brenda Cuffari "I'll Never Forget/ My Music Says It All"   1979

Cha-Ru-Wa   Cincinnati   
8042Q31   D.A.B. Express "Ain't That A D.A.B. Shame/ Funky Rufe-Top"   1978

Cherokee   Akron    
41750   Tommy Johnson & Elegance "Who Says/ Take Me Back"   1981   R-41750

Chi   Cleveland    
002   Norman Scott "Hurry Sundown/ Wildflower"

Cin-Town   Cincinnati    1. 2.
112426   Bill Caffie "I Am Mr. Big Stuff/ Girl From Bowling Green"   1971    QCA-1124268
201518   Curt Davis & Yoni "Oh Angela/ Let's Try Again"   1972   QCA-201518
201519   4 Jades "Gee How I Miss You/ Doon-Chang"   1972   QCA-201519
201520   Longmire "Make You Want To Holler/ Everybody's Somebody's Fool"   1972   QCA-201520

Cinn-Sound   Cincinnati    
001   Jimmy James Thomas "I Can't Dance/ Waiting At The Station"

Circa   Columbus   
103857   Darren Scott and the Young Professionals "Losing You (Seems So Wrong)/ Dance In The Dark"   1983   M

Clark's   Toledo   
346   Romona Collins "You've Been Cheating/Now That You’ve Gone"

Clear Hill   Dayton   (only soul releases)    
C-101   Kenny Smith and the Loveliters "Woman (I Can't Do Enough)/ Bye-Bye"   1969   QCA-90976
C-102   The Grey Imprint "Do You Get The Message/ The Other Side"   1969
202112   The Moroccos "Get Away/ Union Depot"   1972   QCA-202112
106416   Clefs Of Faith "Stream Of Water/ Blessed Jesus"   1971   QCA-106416   (gospel)
6743   Southern Sons "Don't Let The Devil Fool You/ Teach Us How To Pray"   1971   QCA-108222   (gospel)

Clear Mood   Columbus    
104097/ 8   Air Way "Love Flight/ Too Hot To Love"     M

Cle-O   Cleveland    
CL-1000/ 1   Dick "Wild Child" Kemp "Get It On/ Wilde Childe Freakout"   (garage)
CL-1002   The Naturals "Baby You Got It/ 10 To 1"

Cleveland Recording   Cleveland   
CRC-2149   Darwin Dorsey "See The Tears/ Color Of Your Soul"
CRC-2183   Ray Dawson & the Ohio Soulsters "Hell Of A Thing/ Soul Of Ray"   (no label name shown)
acetate   Bobby Sull "One More Thing/ Have To Be My Love"   
acetate   Dewey Jeffries "How Do You Change A Foundation/ With Each Day"   (released as E&J 7419)
acetate   J. Bell & K. Maxwell "Disco People/ Why Did Love Change"   1975

Cleveland Unlimited   Cleveland   
CU-500   Jay Harmon "Now It's You And Me/ Same"   1978
CU-501   I.R.S. "C'mon Let's Be Friends/ Same"   1978   (Columbus group)
CU-502   Strange "If You're So In Love/ Madness"   1978

Clevetown   Cleveland   (only soul releases)    
450   Ricky Hodges with Little G and the Vibrators "I Feel The Love You Have For Me/ Don't Blow No More"

Cloudborn   Cleveland
NC-3001   Ruby Lipps "(In The) Summertime/ (At The) Roller Rink"     1979

Co-Co   Cleveland    1. 2.
C-101/ 2   Hot Chocolate "Good For The Gander/ We Had True Love"   1971
F-0100/ 1   Love For Dollars & Cents "The Next World/ Inst."   1972
C-103   Hot Chocolate "I Can't Take It/ What The Doctor Prescribed"   1973

Codex International   Cincinnati   
CDX-5900   Teddy Rabb & District Ninety-Five "Last Night/ Love Bug Stroking"   late '70s

Col Soul   Columbus    
1152   The Chandlers "Your Love Makes Me Lonely/ I Need Your Love"   M

Col-La-Soul   Columbus    
482-18   Unique "Don't You Be No Fool/ Here We Go Again"   1974   QCA-48212

Comet   Cleveland
950/ 1   Don Gregory & the Montclairs "Bug Killer/ Is It So Wrong"

Connowil   Toledo   
10741   Ike Noble "Everybody Disco (And Get On Down)/ Dance, Dance, Dance To The Music"   1979
10742   Ike Noble "Another Star/ Your Love"   1980
10744   Ike Noble "I Promise You/ Everybody Get Up And Boogie On Down (Ya'll)"   1980
10745   Ike Noble "Shake It Loose/ The Best Years Of My Life"   1982
10746   Ike Noble "Keep Me Crying/ Angie"    1983
10746   Ike Noble "Itís A Party/ Inst."    1985

Cookin   Cleveland    
C-7435   Bo & the Metros "Buttered Out/ Moving On"   1974

Council   Cincinnati   
1123-78   Greater Cincinnati Council For The Performing Arts Orch. "Christmas Spirit/ Soulful"    1978   QCA-812004

Counterpart   Cincinnati   (only soul releases)    
C-2476   Felix Harris "Walkin' (In The Night)/ Blueberry Hill"
C-2570   Gerri Diamond "Plain Old Everday Boy/ The Sunshine Of Your Smile"
C-2575   Gerri Diamond "Day By Day (By Day)/ Rookie"
C-2578/ 9   Le Bleau Monde "After Hours/ If I Told You"
C-2587   Gerri Diamond "Only You (Can Feel The Loss)/ Little Soldier Man"
C-2664/ 5   Kenny & the Sole Selection "Go For Your Bad Self/ Forgiveness"
no #   Kathy Johnson "My Black Mama/ To Your Own Self Be True"   1971   QCA-107126
C-3745   Wayne Perry "Gimmethegreenlight/ Mr. Bus Driver"
C-3790   400 Years of What "Get Down People/ Do What You Like"
C-3795   Umoja "Universal Love/ Hang Up Your Hang-Ups"
C-3806   Kay Barksdale "Because He Lives/ He Looked Beyond My Faults"
C-3809   Blue Denim "Disco Garbage/ Moments"
C-3816   Half & Half "You Got All My Love/ Makes You Wanna Cry"   1981
C-3817   Syn-Badd "You've Got To Have Understanding/ Dream"   1981
C-3819   The Stewarts "Get Down, Get Down/ Get Down, Get Down (Short Version)"   1981
C-3831   Friction "The Booty/ Pt. 2"   1983

Courier   Fremont   (only soul releases)    
3614   Ike Perry & the Lyrics "Don't Let It Get You Down/ At The Party"   (also on Mama 3614)

Cousin   Cincinnati   
GP-001   Victoria "Don't Ever Take Your Love From Me/ Body Wave"    1977
GP-002   Porter "Givin Up Disco-Girls/ Winter Of '77"    1977

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