Ohio artists on non-Ohio and national labels

* QCA = Queen City Audio pressing, Cincinnati | * R = Rite Records pressing, Cincinnati | *M = Mus-I-Col pressing, Columbus
B&M   Cleveland
BM-7911   Benny Perkins "Funky Feet/ The Soul Song"   1979

Baby   Cincinnati   
791003   Speed Ball "Get Ready For The Funk/ Move And Groove"   1979

Baby Grand   Cincinnati
650   Beau Dollar and the Coins "I've Just Got To Forget You/ No More Pain"

Banana Tree   Cleveland   
BT-102/ 3   Glen Covington "Preacher's Son From Georgia/ I Know Now"   1977

Barbara Cunningham   Xenia   
306320   Barbara Cunningham "Chasing A Rainbow/ World Without Sunshine"   1973   QCA-306320

Bear-Kat   Akron   
BK-100   Revelation Funk "Anybody Have Faith/ Running"

Beast   Cincinnati   
1000   Little Flint "Gonna Have A Good Time/ Pain"   

Belvoir   Cleveland   
ARS-103   Tony Walthers and the Galaxy "The Love I Gave/ Once In A Lifetime"   1969

B-E-R   Youngstown   
BE-1001   Mighty Generation "For All The Beautiful Things You Do/ The M.G. Beat"

Beth   Cleveland    
7102   The Nombres "Cold Wine Part 1/ Loving You"   1971
101   The Nombres "Trivialities/ Todos"   1972   (also on Lorain Sound 790)

Big Jim   Cleveland    1. 2.
920W-3273   The Occasions "Baby Don't Go/ There's No You"   1966
3275   Bobby Wade "Flame In My Heart/ Can't You Hear Me Calling"

Birdman   Cleveland   
28001   The Birdman and Pace "Nobody Wants You When You're Down And Out/ Same"

Black Forest   Columbus    1. 2.
102115/ 6   Timeless Legend "(Baby) Don't Do This To Me/ Where There's Love There's A Way"   M
BF-900   Timeless Legend "(Baby) Don't Do This To Me/ Where There's Love There's A Way"   1975
BF-901   Earth's Delight "Brother, Wake Up/ Junkie Hustle"

Black Hawk   Gibsonburg    
102   Main Attraction "Fool's Love/ Firing Up The Funk"   1979

Black Jack   Cincinnati    
711   Eddie Whitehead "Just Your Fool/ Give This Fool Another Chance"
712   Clyde Dean "Can You Keep A Secret/ I Don't Need Her"
713   Roosevelt Johnson and the 7 C's "Call On Me/ Groovin"

Black Star   Dayton   
751038   Billy Myers Trio "Drum And Coke/ Mellow Stuff"   1975

Bleu Rose   Columbus   
100   The Chandlers "(Never Before) You're Love Keeps Drawing Me Closer/ I Loved You, Girl"

Blue Ash   Columbus   (only soul releases)    1. 2.
102   Inner Rhythm Society "Seeing You/ Function In Conjunction"    1976
103   Eddie Ray & Funkshun "I Can't Give You Up/ Say It Again"   1976
129   Walker Wilson & Past, Present & Future "Don't Forget Your Roots/ Same"   1977
133   Otis Johnson "Don't Wake Me/ Little Things"   1977
135   Sapphire "How've You Been Gettin' Along/ We Like Makin' Music"   1977
144   Spiritual Travelers "I Found The Lord/ Jesus Never Let Me Down"   1977    (gospel)
154   J.B. Saunders "Today I'm Gonna Show You/ Baby, It's You"
156   Magic Circle "Sneekin Creepin People/ Pt. 2"   1978   (Dayton band)
170   100% Pure "Funky Disco Music/ All My Life"
181   Herby Brown "One More Broken Heart/Inst."   1980
193   Geoff Tyus "Mt. Vernon Ave./ Day Train"   (jazz)
200   Flashback "You're A Very Special Part Of My Life/ Party Feeling"   1981

Blue Chip City   Cincinnati   
BC-525-01/ 3   The Movies "Future Girl/ Inst."   1985   QCA-505001

Blue Onion   Cleveland   (only soul releases)
105   The In-Betweens "Just Friends/ She's Walkin' Down The Street"   

BMO   Cleveland   
WS4-03919   Swankk "Band Of Gold/ Same"   1983   (Columbus group)

Boat Rocker   Toledo   
BR-101   Soul Searchers W.G.A. "If You Must Be Free/ Love City"

Bob-Joy   Cleveland    1. 2.
BR-1000   Glen M. Martin "Rhymes/ Ebony"   
BJ-1001   The Variations "Empty Words/ Yesterday Is Gone"   (also on Okeh 7324)

Boddie Recording   Cleveland   
acetate   J. Banks & the Diplomats "The Funky Ghetto/ Pt. 2"
acetate   The Exceptions "Strut Your Stuff/ Pt. 2"
acetate   The Showmen "Judy/ Big Daddy Don"    (issued as Soul Kitchen 0014)
acetate   Ohio Spirituals "Hold On/ The Will Of The World"    (gospel)
acetate   Charles Kelley "Never Grow Old/ Here My Home Going"
acetate   The Revelations "I Love The Lord/ Tell Him All About It"     (gospel)
acetate   Fred Washington "Ain't No Sunshine/ You Are The Sunshine Of My Life"
acetate   Bennie Perkins "Do What I Told You/ Traveling"
acetate   Bennie Perkins "Get On It/ Pt. 2"
acetate   Edith Brown "Jesus Will/ Somebody Bigger Than You And I"     (gospel)
acetate   The Wonders Of Faith "It's So Wonderful/ Nobody's Fault But Mine"     (gospel)
acetate   Phase III "Trippin/ What We Gonna Do?"
acetate   Nathaniel Cole "Dog Stone Mad/ Dog Stone Mad"
acetate   James Teal "When You Call/ Give Me Another Chance"

Bold   Massillon   
1202   Johnny Proud "Nobody Loves Me/ Rock N' Roll Weird Streaker"
1207   Johnny Holiday "Nobody Loves Me But My Mama/ I Feel So Dead And Cold"
3410   Johnny Holiday "Show The Peace Sign/ Magic Of The Mind"

BOS   Cleveland   (gospel)   
2007   The Sensational Saints "I'm Glad He Knows (My Heart)/ Jesus In The Morning"   1970
2008   The Capitalaires "Glory, Glory/ Peace Among The Nation"   1970
7150   The Sensational Saints "My Brother/ Walk Through The Valley"   1971
011/ 12   The Bos Singers "My God On High/ So Many Years"   1971
014   The Capitalairs "One Of These Mornings/ I Will Never Turn My Back On The Lord"   1971
016   The Trumpelettes "I Had A Dream/ You Don't Know My Troubles"   1971
017   BOS Singers "Move Satan/ My Soul"   1971
018   The Ruffin Singers "I Feel The Spirit/ Have A Little Talk With Jesus"   1972
019   Odessa Lee "Faith And Grace/ I Just Can't Service The Lord As I Desire"   
020   Betty Thompson & The Friendley Seven "Thank You For Bringing Me Out/ I Had A Talk"   1973   sic
024   The Sensational Saints "The War Is Over (My Brother)/ He's Done More"   1973
030   Randy Shipp & the New Creation "Soon I Will Be Done/ It's A Needed Time"   
032   The Harpettes "Running For Jesus/ So Tired"   
033   The Gospel Pearls "The Way We Were/ Yes We Will"   
036   Hortense Crawford "Never Alone/ I Must Tell Jesus"   1976
???    Rev. Frank Vaughn "I'll Tell Him/ Jesus Touched Me"   

Both Sides   Cleveland   
BS-123   Coffee, Cream & Sugar "Gotta Find A Way/ Dance (My Way Into Your Life)"   1980
15172   Oneness "Thank You/ The Boss"
GRT-466   Doc Peabody "Here Without You/ Pt. 2"
BS-143   Beverly and Dwayne Williams "The Boss/ Thank You"   (12-inch)

Bounty   Cleveland   
5023   J.C. Akins & the Dukes "New Dance/ Searching For Someone"
5589   J.C. Akins & the Dukes "You Upset My Very Soul/ Pt. 2"   1966
5591   Dolores White "Why Don't He Understand/ Lovers Paradise"   1966   (also on Luau 5591)

Bounty   Cleveland   (gospel series)     1. 2.
5592   The Friendly Brothers "Jobe/ Near The Cross"   1967
5594   The Gospel Hebrews "Jesus Is All Over Me/ See About Me"   1967
5595   Mitchellairs Gospel Singers "Trust In Jesus Always/ Happy With Jesus Alone"   1967   
5596   The Gospel Mountaineers "I'm Using My Bible For A Road Map/ Little Community Church"   1967   
5596   The Huffman Trio "In Heaven We'll Never Grow Old/ Jesus Is Passing Along This Way"   1968
5597   Free Will Baptist Choir "Such A Wonderful Friend/ ???"   1968
5598   The Bright Clouds "It Was God (That Made The Trees)/ He's Coming Back"      
5610   The Master Keys "Something Got A Hold On Me/ I Want To Thank You"   1969
5611   Effort For Christ Singers "Old Brush Arbors-Over On The Other Side/ It's Been A Long Time"   
B-6907   Leon Brown "God Is In My Corner/ On That Day"   1969
B-6911   Mack O. Brown "I Can't Put My Finger On It/ ???"   1969
B-6912   Happy Valley Quartet "Spring Time In Heaven/ Standing Room Only"   1969
B-6913   Victory Free Bapist Church "He's Calling You/ That's The Price You Had To Pay"   1969
B-7004   The Ballard Brothers "I Can't See Mine/ Mean Old World"   1970   
B-7018   Effort For Christ "Just A Few Days More- Magic Valley/ Lonely Tombs-If You Want To Wear A Crown"   1970   
B-7021   The Master Keys "So Hard To Find A True Friend/ Since I've Been Changed"   1970   
B-7027   The Seven Revelators "I Feel The Love Of Jesus/ If It Wasn't For The Lord"   1970   
B-7030   The Ruffin Singers "It Pays To Serve The Lord/ Let Me Lean On You, Jesus"   1970   
B-7033   Mary Alice Jones "Walk Around Heaven/ Dark Cloud Rising"   1970   
B-7039   The Golden Harmonetts "No Need To Worry/ End Of My Journey"   1970   
B-7040   The Heavenly Wonders "Beat The Devil Running/ Somebody's Gone"   1970   
B-7145   Gospel Crusaders "Build My Mansion/ Take Your Shoes Off Moses - Peace And Freedom"   1971   
B-7146   Charles & Arline Durham "Jesus/ I'll Make It Home Someday"   1971   
B-7153   The Gospel Starlites "Come Up To Glory/ Long Long Way"   1971   
B-7158   Hamrick Harmon-Aires "Cry From The Cross/ Just As The Sun Went Down"   1971   
B-7166   Evelyn Talbert "Heaven Is Calling Me/ Just A Closer Walk With Thee"   1971   
B-7171   The Celestial Coeds "My Last Move/ Never Grow Old"   1971   
B-7175   Mountain State Gospel Trio "Come Never Ever/ In That Land"   1971
B-7176   Singing Privett Family "I'll Have A New Life/ Sheltered In The Arms Of God"   1971   
B-7203   Jubilee Specials "Where E'er He Leads Me/ Nobody Knows"   1972
B-7205   Sarah Battles "Holding My Savior's Hand/ His Eye Is On The Sparrow"   1972   
B-7206   East High School Spiritualites "Give Me A Clean Heart/ Behold"   1972
B-7207   The Stars of Faith "I'm Looking For A Home/ 99 1/2 Won't Do"   1972
B-7209   The Silver Kings "Meeting Tonight/ Trouble The Water"   1972
B-7213   The Golden Harmonettes "Cool Water Flows/ Sing A New Song"   1972
B-7217   The Spira Singers "He's Never Lost A Care/ When We See My Savior's Face"   1972
B-7218   Brother Bill "Wha's Happ'nin/ All He Wants Is You"   1973    (B-side by Rev. William T. Sawyer)
B-7221   Nellie Dinkins "All the Way/ Search Me Lord"   1972
B-7222   All God's Children "When We All Get To Heaven/ Sinner Man"   1972   
B-7224   The Faithful Airs "Reach Out/ I Know I've Been Saved"   1972
B-7226   The Gospel Majestics "Never Grow Old/ Save Me"   1972
B-7227   The Friendship Gospel Singers "I Surrender All/ He's Always Giving"   1972
B-7228   The Mighty Revelators "Never Too Late/ King's Highway"   1972
B-7229   The Exciting Spiritual Voices "Lord I Want To Be A Christian/ You Got To Move"   1972
B-7235   The Golden Harmonizers "Let Your Holy Power Fall On Me/ Always Somebody Talking About Me"   1972
B-7236   The Vocal Masters "These Hands Of Mine/ Homeward Bound"   1972
B-7237   Rev. F. Lattimore & the Mighty Servants "Are You In The Mood/ Face The Facts"   1972
B-7240   Frankie Davis "Jesus Will Fix It For You/ Everything I've Got Belongs To God "   1972
B-7241   Prince House Of God Choir "All The Way From Heaven Home/ Sweet Home"   1972
B-7246   The Holy Hawaiians "When The Storm Comes To Your City/ You Ought've Been There"   1972
B-7304   The Guiding Lights "Lord You've Been Good To Me/ Lost In Sin"   1973
B-7306   Sarah Battles "Amazing Grace/ Precious Lord"   1973
B-7307   Sarah Battles "I Know The Lord Will Make A Way/ I Come To Glorify His Name"   1973
B-7309   The Victory Angels "I See A Bridge - Cross Over Jordan/ The Window Of Heaven"   1973
B-7313   The Ohio Silvertones "He Laid His Hand On Me/ Working In The Building"   1973
B-7316   The Emma James Singers "I'm Sealed (To The Day Of Redemption)/ Jesus Is A Friend Of Mine"   1973
B-7329   Tommy Wood "Just A Closer Walk With Thee/ I Surrender All"   1973
B-7330   St. Paul AME Zion Church Chancel Choir "No One Has A Monopoly On God/ Never Alone"   1973
B-7335   Sister Elnora Queener "Through The Years/ I Find Joy In God's Company"   1973
B-7343   Jerry Warren & the Warren Singers "To The Kingdom/ The Lord Giveth (The Lord Taketh)"   1973
B-7345   Inner-City Gospel Party "Summertime/ Everybody Say Amen"   1973
B-7346   The Christianaires "City Of Gold/ Something Beautiful"   1973
B-7351   The Exciting Spiritual Voices "Witness/ Hard To Get Along"   1973   
B-7353   The Swanee Nightengales of Cleveland, OH "I've Been Born Again/ God Has Done"   1973
B-7362   Wings of Faith Juniors of Grand Rapids, MI "Send It On Down/I Can't Thank Him Enough"   1973
B-7359   The Victory Angels "I See A Bridge/ Cross Over Jordan"   1973
B-7361   The Maynard Family Gospel Singers "Why Me?/ The Lights Of Home"   1973
B-7363   Emma James "Do You Know The Man/ God Is Real"   1973   
B-7381   The Famous Soul Revivals "Oh Lord, I Got Something/ I Come To Praise His Name"   1973
B-7382   Walter Humphrey "Move On Up A Little Higher/ Beams Of Heaven"   1973   
B-7403   Beth-El Young Adult Choir "Beams Of Heaven/ The Lord Is My Shepherd"   1974   
B-7404   The Ohio Silvertones "Come And Go To That Land/ Holding On To My Faith"   1974   
B-7405   The Spiritual Believers "Free From Sin/ Good To Know"   1974   
B-7406   The Victory Five "Have You Been To The Pool/ Prayer Is The Key"   1974   
B-7410   The Victory Five "Swing Low Sweet Chariot/ Jesus Knows"   1974   
B-7411/12   Cleveland Golden Echoes "Used To Live On Broadway/ 30 Pieces Of Silver"   1974
B-7414   The North Wind of Cleveland, OH "God Is Real/ If I've Done Anything Wrong"   1974   
B-7416   The Haymon Singers "Up Above My Head/ I Love The Lord"   1974   
B-7417   The Beams Of Heaven "Golden Bells/ My Goal"   1974   
B-7418   Union Star Gospel Singers "He's My Rock/ Be Not Dismayed"   1974   
B-7430   The Mighty Revelations "By And By/ There's A Man Upstairs"   1974   
B-7433   The Harpetts "Two Wings/ Lay My Burden Down"   1974   
B-7441   The Dynamic Gospel Keys of Gary, Indiana "That's Alright/ On The Right Road"   1974
B-7508   The Royal Kings "Look Out For Jesus/ I Thank You Lord"   1975   
B-7514   The Gospel Fabulators "Read It In The Bible/ I Believe I'll Go Back Home"   1975   
B-7516   Emma James "Lean And Depend On Jesus/ Jesus Is A Way Maker"   1975   
B-7517   The Mack Singers "Why Should You Suffer?/ My Jesus Is Real"   1975   
B-7518   The Guiding Lights "What Kind Of Man Is This/ I Am A Child Of God"   1975   
B-7527   Clementine Jones "Thank God Thank God/ If It Wasn't For The Lord"   1975   
B-7529   Julia Cooper "Golden Rule/ Holy Father & Holy Son"   1975   
B-7531   George Neal Jr. "Beams Of Heaven/ He Touched Me"   1975   
B-7538   Reese Spirituals "It's A Lifetime Job/ Things I Used To Do"   1975   
B-7539   The Pure In Heart Travelers "John The Revelator/ Friend Of Mine"   1975   
B-7606   Victory Five of Detroit, MI "Don't Leave Me/High Mountains"   1976  
B-7611/ 2   Tar "My Country/ Walk Around Heaven"   1976   
B-7613   J. Mitchell "May Not Have A Choice/ Traveling Through The Land"   1976   
B-7624   Ethel Baldwin "When The Gates Swing Open/ Move Up A Little Higher"   1976   
B-7630   The Master Keys "Jesus Is Coming/ Come By Here"   1976  
B-7706   The Swanee Nightingales "I Need Your Mercy/ Peace In The Valley"   1977
B-7707   Sons Of Joy "Fight Your Battles/ Jesus Will Provide"   1977   
B-7708   Irma Greenlee "Give Me My Flowers/ Change In Me"   1977
B-7717   Sounds Of Soul "Gospel Train/ What He Done For Me"   1977   
B-7720   The Golden Harmonizers "Won't Be Back No More/ Feel The Spirit"   1977   
B-7721   The Golden Harmonizers "Lord, Thank You/I Come To Serve The Lord"   1977   
B-7724   Supreme Angels "Oh Lord You Been Good/Time Waits"   1977   
B-7725   Georgia Jackson "Precious Lord/ His Eye Is On The Sparrow"   1977
B-7726   The Swanee Nightengales "I Know The Lord Will Make A Way/ You Don't Know Like I Know"   1977   
B-7807   The Peace Makers "23rd Psalms/ Talk It Over"   1978
B-7808   Juanita Ellis "Make A Joyful Noise/ Make Heaven My Home"   1978
B-7809   The Spiritual Five Singers "God's Love/ I'll Go Where You Want Me To Go"   1978
B-7812   Rev. Mackalee Washburn "Tomorrow's Your Time Around/ How I Got Over"   1978
B-7816   The Mack Singers "Down On My Knees/ You've Got To Pray"   1978
B-7818   The Goslel Ensembles "What You Need/ The Book Of Life"   1978   sic
B-7905   The Fabulous Sensationals "Thank You For One More Day/ What Do You Think About Jesus"   1979   
B-7906   The Dixie Travelers "Stand Still Jordan/ I Got Heaven On My Mind"   1979   
B-7907   The Gospel Silvertone Singers "I'm Going Home On The Morning Train/ Jesus Will Fix It"   1979   
B-7910   The Seven Revelators "Keep Holding On/ Working On The Road"   1979   
B-7910   Rev. Jimmy Johnson & the Ohio Olympian Singers "Saved And Sanctified/ Pt. 2"   1979   
B-7912   The Christian Travelers "God Has Been/ I'm A Soldier"   1979   
B-7915   Rev. C.T. Nelson "A World's Prayer/ Great Consolation When I Pray"   1979   
B-7919   The Modernairs Gospel Singers "I'm On My Way/ Walk Out In Jesus Name"   1979   
B-8009   The Mack Singers "Sinner Man Make A Change/ In The Morning When I Rise"   1980   
B-8010   Robert Tyus "Miss You/ Let The Funk Hang Out"   1980   
B-8013   Wing Of Faith Jrs. "Move All Problems/ He'll Take Care Of You"   1980   
B-8015   The Amazing Aires "I'm Working For Jesus/ I'm So Satisfied"   1980   
B-8105   The Spiritual Believers "Home Going/ I Thank You Jesus"   1981   
B-8106   The Corinthian Singers "I Am Leaning/ It Will Pay Off"   1981   
B-8107   The Fantastic Lightning Ares "Jesus You Are My Shining Star/ God Take Care Of Me"   1981   
B-8112   Rev. R.L. Hubbard "My Testimony/ Child Of The King"   1981   
B-8114   The Mighty Hearts Of Joy "Stood On The Banks Of Jordan/ I'll Fly Away"   1981   
B-8115   The Mighty Hearts Of Joy "Old Time Religion/ I Don't Mind Serving The Lord"   1981   
B-8208   Richard Foy "Have You Heard About Jesus/ Me And Jesus"   1982   
B-8209   Marjorie Cull "The King Went On A Journey/ Telephone Gossip"   1982   
B-8210   Marjorie Cull "Unwind/ Don't Get Above Your Raising"   1982   
B-8301   The Corinthian Singers "Super Fast/ Why? (It's A Shame)"   1983   
B-8310   Zion Chapel "On The Battlefield/ Closing Prayer"   1983   
B-8403   Sounds Of Soul "A Little Talk With Jesus/ Just Like Fire"   1984   
B-8510   Zion Chapel Chancel Choir "On The Battlefield/ In Prayer"   1985   
B-8614   Kathryn Fisher "Remember Christ Is Christmas/ Glory Jesus Christ Is Born"   1986   
B-8710   The Spiritual Five Singers "Thank You Lord/ Blessed Quietness"   1987   
861   Chosen Few of Cleveland, Ohio "You Don't Know Like I Know/ The Lord Will Make A Way"   
B-2021   The Master Keys "So Hard To Find A True Friend/ Since I've Been Changed"   
125707/ 8   Frankie and Judy "Little Spot In Heaven/ It's Me Again Lord"   

BPS   Columbus   1. 2.
104073   Swankk "If It Takes All Night/ Sara Jane"   1981    QCA-104073
409058   Buckeye Politicians "Don't Let Me Down/ Inst."   1984   QCA-409058

Brother Love Production   Akron   
7071-22   Brother Love "Precious Dove/ Baby Please"   1977   QCA-707122

Bubbles   Cincinnati   
B-101/ 2   Allen Matthews "Give Love Another Chance/ I Can Tell (By The Smile On Your Face)"
B-103/ 4   Allen Matthews "Allen's Party/ Good Loving Care"   1970   QCA-01101
B-005/ 6   Charles Spurling & the Love Jays "No Man Ever Touched Me/ I'm Glad It's You"   1977   QCA-710420
B-007/ 8   Charles Spurling "Meet Me There/ My Request Mr. DJ"   1977    QCA-710682

Buckeye   Toledo   
40219   Arthur Griswold "I Just Got To Know/ Look What The Fool Made Me Do"   1974   QCA-40219
591-20   Arthur Griswold "The Big Game Hunter/ Main Street Beat" 1975   QCA-59120
711217   Arthur Griswold "What The Judge Did To Me/ There Is Something On Your Mind"

Buckeye Sound   Cleveland   
101   King Tolliver "Babe Ruth/ Fate"

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