Ohio artists on non-Ohio and national labels

* QCA = Queen City Audio pressing, Cincinnati | * R = Rite Records pressing, Cincinnati | *M = Mus-I-Col pressing, Columbus
A & R    Cleveland   
CRC-2176   Al Serafini & the Sir Alberts "Earthquake/ Seven Steps To Freedom"

A & R Productions    Dayton   
33123   We the People "Salem Ave./ I Can Be Loving"   1974    R-33123

Abner    Cleveland   
1001   Marvelous Ray "I Know The Secret/ Just You"
1002   Marvelous Ray "I'll Wait For You/ I Want To Cry"    (with Billy Wells & Band)
1003   Marvelous Ray "I Believe In Miracles/ I Know The Secret"    (B-side with Billy Wells & Band)
1004   Marvelous Ray "Whirlpool/ Tears"
4526   Leon Brown "All Because Of You/ Darlin"

Accident    Dayton
101   Zenobia Bonner "All Alone/ Here I Go Again"
102   The Contenders "A Love Like Yours (Doesn't Come Along Every Day)/ Don't Ever Leave Me"

Acorn    Columbus   
0720   Bop  "In Need Of Your Love/ Won't You Dance With Me Tonight"    1986

ACS    Cleveland
102299/ 300   The Creators "Transmeditation/ Shauna's Theme"    M

Agnes   Canton   
8891   James Romeo Williams "You Can't Run My Life/ Can You Hear Me Say"   
41019/ 20   James Williams "I Know It's You/ You Can't Run My Life"   1980   (no label name shown)

Agora    Cleveland   
13163   The Plums "Cleveland Browns Town/ Inst."

Air City    Dayton   
402   Ohio Players "Sight For Sore Eyes/ Inst."
502   Sun "Legs (Bring Out The Wolf In Me)/ True Love"
1007   Ohio Players    "Follow Me/ School Girl"    1984

Airtown    Dayton   (only soul releases)  1. 2.
001   Tommy Wills "Night Train 66 Style/ Honky Tonk II 66 Style"
002   The Casinos "That's The Way/ Too Good To Be True"
004   Tommy Wills "Funky Sax/ Born To Lose-I Can't Stop Loving You"
007   Tommy Wills "(Sweet, Sweet Baby) Since You've Been Gone/ (Funky) 4 Corners"   1968   QCA-80334
008   Soul Finders Inc. "Funky Soul Music/ Come On Up"
0010   Johnny Holiday "Tormented/ Mercy, Mercy, Mercy On Me"
012   The Vondels "Hey Girl How You've Changed/ Soldier Boy"    

Alco     Dayton / Cincinnati   (only soul releases)   
1006   The Jaguars "The Metropolitan/ Wanda, Why"   1965    R-14077
813L-2187   Angeles Simeon "Soul Mission/ Fisherman's Wharf"

Alcon    Cleveland   
11119   Earnest Bolden "You Promised Me/ I'm Talking 'Bout Love"
305310   Herde "Something We Made Up/ Experimental Man"

Alfa    Cleveland   
A-7702   Roosevelt Blackman "I Want To Be The One/ Sad Man's Blues"    1977

Alpha    Cincinnati   
LM-2002   Innocent Rain Band "The Rain/ Love Wonderland"   1989

AMG    Cincinnati    (only soul releases)    
553-41   Puzzle People "Reach For The Truth/ Make You Mine"   1975   QCA-553041   (Chicago group)
561-36   The Determinations "Don't You Make Me Blue/ Has Love Been Here"   1975   QCA-56136   (Cleveland group)
5014-14   William Ferguson "Black Gold/ Two Is Company"   1975   QCA-501414
5014-15   First Occasion "Thank Heaven For You/ Take A Step"   1975   QCA-501415   (Canton group)
5101-29   Eddie Simpson "Naked/ The Reason Marie Is"    1975   QCA-510129   (St. Louis artist)
5104-12   Billy De Wolf's Keyboard Dream "Tortilla Flat / Cucamonga Mama"   1975   QCA-510412
5105-358   Caesar's Children "Take A Step/ Final Day"   1975   QCA-5105358
581-22   Variations of Love "I'll Always Love You/ Reach For The Truth"   1975   QCA-58122   (also on Gold Plate 1948)
592-16   Melvin Carter "Midnight Brew/ Rock N' Roll Music"   (B-side by Lonnie Mack)   1975   QCA-59216
593-19   Willie Rogers "Everything You Touch (Turns To Love)/ The Wizard's Brew"   1975   QCA-59319
594-22   Elisa Marie "Keep Loving Me/ Just Find Time"   1975   QCA-59422
6014-12   Underground Resurrection "Dreams/ Reality"   1976    QCA-601412
6021-25   Insights "Falling/ Jumpshot"   1976   QCA-602125
6034   Mary Holston "Where There's A Will/ I'm Satisfied"   1976   QCA-6034
6041   Rock 'N Co. "We Gonna Do Girl/ You Live Only Once"   1976   QCA-6041
6052-38   Trans-National Funk Co. "Funkafied/ Brand New Day"   1976   QCA-605238
               - above is an EP with other tracks by Curtis Wright, Mary Holston, Jay Regalis and Lonnie Mack
6053-40    Hot Ice Band "Fly Away/ Been Lazy"   1976   QCA-605340
6073-17   The Steelers "Disturbing Thoughts/ Love, Love, Love For Me"   1976   (Chicago group)
6082-25   Trans-National Funk Co. "Funkafied/ Pt. 2"    1976   QCA-608225
6104-14   Higher "It's No Disguise/ Give Me Love"   1976   QCA-610414
7031-21   Unforbidden Fruit "The Work Song/ The Laughing Song"   1977   QCA-703121   (Chicago group)
7033   Trans-National Funk Co. "Funkafied/ Brand New Day"   1977   QCA-7033
7033-??   Ace Jones "Peanut Picker/ Five O' Clock Calling"   1977   (Detroit artist)
7033-12   Walter Hamilton "Don't Ever Hide Your Face/ Baby Don't Cry"   1977   QCA-703312
7034-15   The Arbitrations "Cool Lady/ Music On My Mind"   1977   QCA-703415
7043   Brothers Two "Come On And Make Me/ How To Make Love"   1977   QCA-7043
7045-25   Jimmy Morris "We Could Work It Out/ Love Affair"   1977   QCA-704525
7052   Taylor La Veeck "Beyond The Hurt/ Ease Me To The Ground"   1977   QCA-7052
7081-21   Bill Watts "I Got Jesus/ The Hole That Holds The Bones"   1977   QCA-708121   (gospel)
7091-18   Ty Harris "Naked/ I Was Always There"   1977   QCA-709118
7112-19   T.S.E / Soul Electors "Destructive Criticism/ Humanity"   1977   QCA-711219
7113   Moore Brothers Band "A Salute To Roots/ Inst."   1977   QCA-7113   (Chicago group)
771133   Destiny "Lost Lonely Man/ Sharing You"   1977   QCA-771133
771135   Dorothy Wise "All In Love Is Fair/ I Love You For"   1977   QCA-771135
771206   Little Larry Hudson "Land Of Dog Eat Dog/ Strong Constitution"   1977   QCA-771206   (Chicago artist)
771220   Delores Barrett Campbell and the Barrett Sisters “No Ways Tired / Talkin 'Bout A Good Time”   1977
780326   Johnny Moore "Hold On A Little Bit Longer/ Lies And Alibis"   1976   QCA-780326   (Chicago artist)
780329   Audrey Riley "Love Can't Live In Chains/ This Is What I Get For Loving You"   1977   QCA-780329
780332   Jerry Hill "I Just Wanna Sing/ Union Man"   1977   QCA-780332
780333   Dahut "Down In The Schoolyard/ Big City Disease"   1977   QCA-780333
780632   Iron Force "Stay/ Sweet Poison"   1977   QCA-780632
8034-31   Changing Tymes "Try It Once Again/ You Only Live Once"   1978   QCA-803431
8035-78   Clarence Dougherty "Rich Man's Front Porch/ Yes I Do"   1978   QCA-803578
8054-29   New City Sound "I Can't Stand To See You Cry/ You Only Live Once"   1978   QCA-805429
8061-34   Pino and Kambon "A Soalin/ Maybe Stars"   1978   QCA-806134   (Chicago group)
8084   Family Group "Jump, Dance, Shout/ Summer Gone"   1978   QCA-8084
8101-22   Faithful Wonders "Set Me Free/ I Found Out Myself"   1978   QCA-810122
812044   The Allman Sisters "Goin' Back/ Afro Child"   1978   QCA-812044
37339/ 40   Symphonics "I Still Love You/ Black Gold"

Annthonette    Akron   
44-4752   Jus' Us "Just Us Together/ Just Us Together"   1973    R-31993/ 4

Aquarius    Akron   
32393/ 4   O.V. Reddin "Memories Of You/ Burglar"     1973   R-32393/ 4

A.R.C.    Cincinnati   
701   Carey Benson & the Inside View "Ain't It So Nice/ Chris' Jam"   1975

Artists Recording    Cincinnati   
750955   Family Sound Band "Gotta Get Down/ If"   1975
760433   John Crawford "I Can't Tell At All/ What The World Needs Now"   1976   gospel
0731   Dorothy Rice Jones "Will You Be There/ Jesus Loves Me"   1977   gospel
no #   Bill Kelly "Funky Cat Fever/ Wild Cat Strut"
no #   Dynasty "Lovin' For A Livin'/ Always You"   1982

ASG    Cincinnati   (only soul releases)   
1006   The Cause "Hard Times (In The City)/ Promises, Promises"
1007   Brenda Mathis "Leaving You/ Who Do You Want To Love"

Astroscope    Cleveland / New Jersey   (only Ohio artists)   
102   Ponderosa Twins + 1 "Hey Girl/ You Send Me"      (also on Horoscope 102)
103   Ponderosa Twins + 1 "I Remember You/ Bound"
104   Ponderosa Twins + 1 "Why Do Fools Fall In Love/ Bitter With The Sweet"
106   O’ Jays "Peace/ Wisdom Of A Child"
110   O'Jays "Peace/ Don't You Know A True Love (When You See One)"
111   Ponderosa Twins + 1 "Dad, I Love Her/ Love You While You Wait"
114   Ponderosa Twins + 1 "Tomorrow's Train/ Come Back Sunshine"

Avion    Cleveland    
NR-16504   Tony Harris "You/ If You Fall In Love"   1986
8603   Glass Tear "I Was Born To Dance/ I've Been Waiting"   1986   

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